Discover our latest product or general news. In addition to the latest trends in terms of furniture. Here we will keep you informed of everything for those who want to be up to date!<br><br>In Crimons we attend to the most recognized furniture fairs in París and Milan in order to bring to our clients the latest proposals of the most important designers and furniture brands.
Check out the latest events we have designed in Madrid! Themed events in the main venues of the capital. Latest material trends, <a href="" target="_blank">tables</a> and <a href="" target="_blank">chairs</a> for meetings, different stage set-ups, <a href="" target="_blank">conferences</a>, stands and much more in our blog, get inspired for upcoming events!<br><br> La Quinta de Jarama<a href="" target="_blank">,Palacio de Cibeles</a>, Museo Thyssen<a href="" target="_blank">, Las Ventas</a>, IFEMA<a href="" target="_blank">.</a> Our warehouse is located and office in San Fernando de Henares, 15 minutes from Madrid. We rent furniture in Madrid and surroundings.
Discover the latest outstanding events that we have been to in Barcelona! We work in all the main event spaces in the city. Set the scene for different areas of your <a href="" target="_blank">conference</a>, <a href="" target="_blank">chairs</a> and <a href="" target="_blank">tables</a> for meetings, fun combinations for stages, endless options. <br><br>Fira of Barcelona, <a href="" target="_blank">Drassanes</a>, La Llotja, <a href="" target="_blank">Poble Espanyol</a>, Casa Batlló, La Pedrera, <a href="" target="_blank">Caves Codorniu</a>, <a href="" target="_blank">Circuit de Catalunya</a> and many more. With a warehouse and offices in Sant Joan Despí, we are 15 minutes far from the city center.
Crimons is everywhere! We are present throughout Spain, France and Portugal mainly. Discover the productions we do in international events.<br><br>We have our own fleet of 8 trucks and we work with the best logistics agencies to cover any demand peak. We also have a professional team of assemblers and assembly managers who ensure that the delivery and collection experience is as satisfactory as possible for the customer without having to worry about assembling the furniture.
Find out about our last productions for events, our best tips for event furniture, the newest trends and more in our blog! <br><br>We are experts in rental of <a href="" target="_blank">chairs</a>, <a href="" target="_blank">tables</a>, <a href="" target="_blank">sofas</a> and more.
Don't miss out on the latest trends for stands and trade fairs. Personalise and complete your stands with counters, coffe break areas or work rooms.<br><br>We are also experts in the creation of ephemeral <a href="" target="_blank">offices</a> for those events or fairs in which a quiet work space is needed, away from the hustle and bustle of the fair.
All our news related to chill-outs: sofas, armchairs, poufs, rugs and much more available for private events, weddings and even the most demanding corporate events. We help you design the set that best suits your needs! Ask for our catalog of chill-out styles!
Specialists since 1960 in furniture rental for all types of weddings. Since 2022 focused on the rental of exclusive furniture. We help you give that unique and special touch! Contact our commercial team to advise you and see how we can contribute to the organization of your wedding.<a href="" target="_blank">chairs</a>, <a href="" target="_blank">tables</a>, <a href="" target="_blank">sofas</a> and more.

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Create an unforgettable Christmas corporate event
Corporate | Stands and fairs | Conventions and congresses | Madrid | Barcelona | Valencia | Andalucia | Galicia | France | Portugal | News & Trends | Spain and International
At Crimons we are specialists in auditoriums of all types
Branding | News & Trends | Spain and International
Discover how our furniture rental company for events is committed to the environment
Corporate | Thematic | News & Trends
At Crimons we have a successful model in organizing thematic corporate meetings.
Branding | Madrid | Barcelona | France | Portugal | News & Trends | Spain and International
Crimons invests more than 4m in expanding its facilities in Barcelona and Madrid
Corporate | Stands and fairs | Conventions and congresses | Madrid | Barcelona | Valencia | Andalucia | Galicia | France | Portugal | News & Trends | Spain and International
Design an ephemeral office that adapts to your event successfully.
Corporate | Conventions and congresses | Madrid | Spain and International
Stands and fairs | Conventions and congresses | News & Trends
Outdoor events | Madrid | Barcelona | Valencia | Andalucia | Galicia | France | Spain and International
GREAT EVENTS in which we have been immersed lately: Golf, Padel, F1, Moto GP, Soccer and Tennis.
Corporate | Chill outs | Outdoor events | Barcelona
Sport events and Circuit de Catalunya by Crimons
Corporate | Branding | Madrid | Barcelona | Valencia | Andalucia | Galicia | France | Portugal
We say goodbye to an atypical year and start, full of excitement, a very promising 2022
Corporate | Stands and fairs | Conventions and congresses | Gala dinners | Cocktail | Madrid | Barcelona
The fairs are back and with them the festivities that accompany them. Complement the experience with private networking events. Together we design a cozy and innovative space.
Outdoor events | Madrid | Barcelona | Valencia | Andalucia | Galicia | France | Spain and International
Crimons goes where it is needed. The limit is up to you
Corporate | Conventions and congresses | Weddings | Fashion | News & Trends
We are back! We give you some tips to get a current looking event and adapted to the trends of the moment
Corporate | Stands and fairs | Conventions and congresses | Barcelona
New MWC formats for new times
Outdoor events | Mediterranean | News & Trends
Add color to your event - Tips to take risks and achieve a neat aesthetic
Chill outs | Outdoor events | Private parties | Weddings | Mediterranean
Here you have four different options of summery chill outs
Chill outs | Outdoor events | Gala dinners | Weddings | Mediterranean
Wedding on the beach, event in front of the sea ... no matter what if we are accompanied by such a pleasant atmosphere
Outdoor events | Private parties | Cocktail | Weddings | Thematic | Thematic trolleys
We present to you our vast offer of bars and special cars to have an amazing wedding
Corporate | Stands and fairs | Chill outs | Branding | Outdoor events | Private parties | Cocktail | Weddings | Mediterranean | Thematic | Thematic trolleys
Customize your event with these unique elements. Dare to play with color to get an event with personality.
Introducing the new collection of unique pieces with the option of sale or rent
Corporate | Stands and fairs | Conventions and congresses | Madrid | Barcelona
Here are some tips to set up a good fair stand for your company
Chill outs | Private parties | Weddings | Mediterranean | Galicia
Crimons helps you with your wedding preparations - Lucia Barcena inaugurates the new showroom in Barcelona
Outdoor events | Weddings | Valencia | Andalucia | Galicia | France | Portugal
Original ideas for weddings: create a perfect chill out area for your guests. All chill out styles at Crimons
Corporate | Conventions and congresses
We offer furniture rental for your virtual event. Offices in Madrid and Barcelona. Virtual events 2021.
Outdoor events | Weddings
Ideas to decorate wedding tables. Find inspiration for your celebration.
Private parties | Weddings | Romantic
Covid Wedding ideas.
Corporate | Chill outs | Private parties | Madrid | Barcelona
small format Chill Outs for restaurants, terraces and particular parties, perfect for the post-COVID small events
New hygiene measures for guaranteeing the delivery and collection of our furniture that assure a request COVID-FREE
Corporate | Private parties | Cocktail | Madrid
Assembly of a gala cocktail at the Thyssen Museum
Corporate | Cocktail | Thematic trolleys | Barcelona
Inside the Maritime Museum of Barcelona, ​​an event with groundbreaking decoration with industrial materials
Private parties | Cocktail | Thematic
Design of 360 projects with all the necessary material, furniture rental and decoration for all types of events.
Corporate | Conventions and congresses | Chill outs | Cocktail | With a tent | Barcelona
How to decorate a large event in an open and empty space. Furniture necessary to decorate a xl event inside an open and empty space
Private parties | Weddings | Romantic | Mediterranean | Thematic
5 trends in wedding decoration for 2020
Conventions and congresses | Chill outs | Gala dinners | Cocktail
At Crimons, when have to create an ephemeral decoration for an event at a wide room, bet for ensembles of furniture.
Corporate | Chill outs | Cocktail
Elegance in its purest form in a modernist palace with more than a century of history. The scenario chosen for the presentation of ESSENCIA by Cristina Marty Events.
Corporate | Private parties | Thematic
We transform into a Christmas market an industrial place.
Corporate | Private parties | Cocktail | Madrid
We explain you how was the party of the 40 anniversary of Eneldo Venues & Catering and the presentation of Espacio Villanueva.
Private parties | Gala dinners | Cocktail | Thematic
sofa + movie + rug and tea with cookies of ginger? Or cold colours and minimalist lines?
Private parties | Cocktail | Thematic
The bars are an indispensable element at any event. We show you a few ideas so that you say us which likes you more. 
Conventions and congresses | Chill outs | Outdoor events | Gala dinners | Cocktail | Weddings | With a tent
With the end of the year arrives one of the most romantic season. The nature crowds of warm colours and the greens becomes reds, orange and golden.
We wanted to show you these lovely wedding at Logroño, a very clear example that sometimes, at the variety is the beauty
Corporate | Stands and fairs | Conventions and congresses | Branding | Private parties | Cocktail
Customise the bars of your event is a plus to give visibility at your brand or remark a message
Corporate | Stands and fairs | Conventions and congresses | Branding
This capsule is designed for the best, technological and pioneering events. Where it predominates whites, the order and the minimalism
Corporate | Gala dinners | Thematic
In Crimons we are specialists in the design of ephemeral scenery and organization of events of all kinds. Furniture rental, scenery design, organization and assembly of events and corporate conventions.
Outdoor events | Private parties | Thematic | Barcelona
Una puesta de sol, las dunas y el calor Africano. Esos fueron los pilares de nuestro último diseño de evento temático “Memorias de África”
Outdoor events | Gala dinners | Weddings | Thematic
En Crimons hemos creado nuestro propio espacio de relax y divertimento, ¡te presentamos nuestros chiringuitos! Chiringuitos para eventos
Corporate | Conventions and congresses | Cocktail
te tocará elegir qué tipo de mobiliario para eventos necesitas. Y, para elegir de forma correcta, te explicamos qué debes saber.
Corporate | Private parties | Gala dinners | Cocktail | Weddings
En Crimons ofrecemos también el servicio de alquilar plantas para eventos con la intención de que este sea todo lo especial que mereces.
Corporate | Conventions and congresses | Gala dinners | Cocktail
En el mundo de la organización de eventos podemos clasificarlos según la finalidad de cada uno de ellos.
Corporate | Branding | Gala dinners | Cocktail | Thematic
La iluminación cumple un papel fundamental en la organización de cualquier evento.
podemos emplear el significado de los colores para ofrecer determinada imagen a las personas que asisten a un evento o simplemente para generar un determinado ambiente entre ellos.
The cocktails for events are part of the organization and of the aspects which should be taken into account when carrying out this kind of meetings.
Private parties
If you have an anniversary or an important date approaching, to make someone feel special, or even if you have no special purpose for it, we give you five tips to convert it in a memorable celebration.
Theme events are a perfect way to get the most out of every moment of life.
Corporate | Stands and fairs | Private parties | Weddings | Thematic
Discover the new Crimons Long Lasting plants collection for events and weddings. plants hire for events and weddings
Chill outs | Outdoor events | Private parties | Gala dinners | Cocktail | Weddings | Romantic | Thematic
The key to a great event is planning. Within planning, there are several factors, one of them are the aesthetics.
Corporate | Cocktail | Weddings | Thematic
This style characterises for open spaces, but it is not its only charachteristic. To achieve an authetically industrial looking style in your own house
Corporate | Stands and fairs | Conventions and congresses | Chill outs | Branding | Private parties | Cocktail
The TOP setups of the Mobile World Congress edition by Crimons
Corporate | Conventions and congresses | Branding | Private parties | Gala dinners | Cocktail
450 square meters to celebrate any type of event in the heart of Madrid, discover all the opening of Espacio La Grada
Corporate | Stands and fairs | Conventions and congresses | Branding | Gala dinners
Planning an event requires a lot of attention to detail. For instance, the furniture hire if the venue does not provide it.
Outdoor events | Gala dinners | Romantic | Thematic
It discovers the trends for the new 2019 wedding season. The Wedding trend report by Wedding Academy is already is here!
Corporate | Stands and fairs | Conventions and congresses | Branding | Fashion | Thematic
Four brands, four spaces = four different and unique auditoriums. Discover how to customize the space according to the personality of your brand.
Corporate | Stands and fairs | Conventions and congresses | Branding | Gala dinners | Cocktail
Have you ever thought of having your corporate event in a winery? We tell you why they ARE a great idea.
Outdoor events | Weddings | Mediterranean | Thematic
A unique wedding with views to the Mediterranean Sea. Undoubtedly one of the most special this season.
Chill outs | Outdoor events | Gala dinners | Weddings | Romantic | With a tent
When a couple decides to get married, one of the first things that has to elect of face at the future link is the place of the ceremony, the service of meals, restaurant or the place at which will realise the weddings and the feast.
Gala dinners
Whatever what the event is, a corporate meeting or a private celebration, there are a few steps to be followed so our dinner is a total success
Private parties | Gala dinners | Weddings | Thematic
Los centros de mesa son uno de los elementos decorativos más recurrentes para la decoración de mesas.
Outdoor events | Weddings | Romantic | Mediterranean
At Crimons we like to team up with the best wedding planners that bring us challenges for your most demanding international clients.
Outdoor events | Weddings | With a tent
Although we have wedding all over the year, spring and summer are still when most weddings are being celebrated.
Corporate | Outdoor events | Private parties | Cocktail | Weddings | With a tent
we want to offer you detailed information about how can this structures help to improve the quality of the space and the comodity of your guests.
Corporate | Conventions and congresses | Branding
¿Cómo definimos el branding en un evento? ¿Es útil para nosotros? Algunas claves para desarrollar el branding de tu evento
Chill outs | Cocktail | Thematic
Ethnical prints are back, and they are super trendy. Once more, they are filling our homes and events with patterned rugs, thick fabrics and what we like above all: kilim cushions.
Outdoor events | Private parties | Cocktail | Weddings | Thematic | Thematic trolleys
A bar of portable bar is a complement ideal for any event. These structures can dispose at the outside or the interior and can decorate them at function of the themed of the event
Corporate | Branding | Private parties | Weddings | Thematic
it photocall has converted at an essential element at any party or event. Today we explain you which benefits has rent one photocall at an event and the infinity of possibilities that has
Weddings | Thematic
No es ningún secreto: Los ochenta han vuelto con fuerza. En realidad cualquier estética retro está de moda y eso no iba a ser menos en cualquier tipo de evento.
Corporate | Branding | Outdoor events | Private parties | Gala dinners | Cocktail | Thematic
The furniture is only the beginning, we love to devise complete and personalized sets
Corporate | Private parties | Romantic | Thematic
Corporate | Conventions and congresses
The star fair of Barcelona is without a doubt the Mobile World Congress. It is not new that during the 3 days it lasts, the city collapses both the one referring to hotels, as spaces for events, traffic, etc. And the same goes for furniture, so every time you have to be more proactive and have thought about how you imagine this year's party. We have many ideas, we tell you some of them!
Love has no season and as much as most couples insist on getting married in the warmer months of the year there are those who go out of the norm and choose the cold, the smell of chestnuts or the long winter nights to give the yes I do.
Corporate | Private parties | Weddings
Will talk about an element that no only will be useful for your event, also is a trend. The screens are a good choice. We explain you why
Branding | Private parties
Maximum nostalgia was this feeling, being always behind ths scenes, but rarely in the front line. We wanted to become protagonists and to make you leave aside the steps, the timmings, the rush and the nerves to live a night of laughter, parentheses and clear mind. It is true that lack of time was our worst ally but in the end the illusion always wins. That is why we decided to make you live a different experience.
Corporate | Conventions and congresses
How many times do we meet at the end of the year? Do you imagine different meetings but you do not know how to do it? We propose a few ideas so that these times, that sometimes even last for hours, are meant to be as pleasant as possible, comfortable and times where you can even enjoy the decoration.
Corporate | Thematic
Every day more the events are becoming more personalized and different. You have to seduce the public, make them live unique experiences and that's why there is nothing better than to theme a good party, because they make you feel part of that atmosphere that they have created only for you.
Corporate | Chill outs
A new year begins and as always in the sector of events we do nothing else but to think about the greatest event, the Mobile World Congress. After the Christmas break, it's time to rechange the batteries and focus on one of the most important event that happens in the city.
Corporate | Gala dinners
El otoño es una de esas estaciones de muchos eventos de empresa y de promoción. Los últimos años octubre y noviembre han sido especialmente intensos y hemos realizado todo tipo de banquetes y chill outs para empresay bodas.
Corporate | Cocktail
Cada vez recibimos más propuestas de decoración de espacios efímeros que traen consigo temáticas innovadoras. La personalización en los eventos es cada vez mayor, buscamos elementos creativos, "never seen before", sobre todo para aquellos eventos más grandes que buscan impactar y generar expectativa. Big events and 3D projects.
Corporate | Chill outs | Private parties
Mas Marroch is the space that the Roca brothers use for their events and weddings. This December they opened a new spectacular space : the Agora, a project of the architect Oriol Roselló.
Corporate | Chill outs
La Llotja is one of those iconic buildings of Barcelona that maintain their majesty in each of its rooms. We have done many events in there and the truth is that despite having a very distinctive style it’s very chameleonic, all kind of furniture feels good in there.
Weddings | Romantic | With a tent
All couples are different and every wedding has to bteathe the essence of the bride and the maid. Maybe the most beautiful thing is that when the guets come in to the wedding, they can recognize the couple in every detail. For sure you don't know the couple of this wedding but by seeing the pictures you will know they are vintage lovers.
Corporate | Cocktail
A cocktail dinner full of buffets. That was the idea of this client. He knew what he wanted , a big central bar made of borad and customized for the occasion and tables around made of wood and iron and some barrels . They wanted to enjoy a pleasant dinner, where the most important thing was, above all , tasting the champagne and the food.
Corporate | Outdoor events | Gala dinners | Thematic
Like when you eat a kinder egg expecting to see what’s in it, that is how the partners of the Barcelona Tennis Club feel when the summer dinner arrives. An event that always takes place in the late June to coincide with the beginning of this season. We’ve been 5 years doing it and surprising them, building up hopes and expectations for each dinner that it is always different and unique with different atmospheres thanks to the decor and the ephemeral architecture assemble.
Corporate | Stands and fairs | Branding
One of the most famous fairs in Barcelona is the Alimentaria Fair that is held every March. As a reference in gastronomy many visitors come to Barcelona in these days and besides enjoying the stands at Fira de Barcelona, there are much more events outside their doors.
Cocktail | Weddings
Did you know that the importance of an aperitif in a wedding or event is increasing? So it is that every day there are more cocktail weddings and dinners where the priority is not to sit down and enjoy a large meal, instead we want to pick food from one buffet to antoher and talk with our friends. That's the reason of the importance of a buffet well decorated that ivites you to eat.
Gala dinners
The Maritime Museum of Barcelona, Drassanes, is a unique space that hosts hundreds of events each year. We've seen it dressed with many customes, like a gala dinner with glod tableclothes and chairs with black cover, we've seen it like a pirate, like a Spanish party and even all dressed in white. And the truth is that every style suits it.
Weddings | With a tent
Doing a mediterranean wedding doesn't mean to have to marry in front of the Mediterranian sea. If not ask this couple. In love with a beautiful house in Monells, a village in Girona located in Baix Empordà, they wanted an elegant but unostentatious wedding and afterall with a very mediterranean style.
Outdoor events | Private parties | Weddings
One of the latest trends in weddings is not just enjoy a day but an entire weekend. There are a lot of people who get married outside the city, in a cottage or farmhouse and as we have to go to a few kilometers from home it is a good idea to enjoy the wedding day and to celebrate the following day an afterwedding with friends and relatives.
Chill outs
These weeks we've been showing you, little by little, some of our new pieces of furniture but without much explanation. That's why we want to detail in what they consist and why we've chosen these new materials.
As we all know one of the most popular news in this beginning of the year has been that Grant Arantz Chef has moved all his workers and know-how from Alinea restaurant in Chicago to our capital, specifically to NH Collection Eurobuilding Hotel.
Corporate | Conventions and congresses | Chill outs | Private parties
In a month Barcelona will celebrate one of the most expected events, the Mobile World Congress. A week of non stop, of streets full of strangers, of cameras in every corner - specially in Gaudí architectures- os luxury cars, taxis, undergrounds and buses, all of them going to the same direction, to Fira Gran Via where one more year the latest trends of the mobile technology will be presented.
Close your eyes and imagine an idyllic place where you would like to spent the rest of your life. Surely you would imagine a wonderful and enormous house in front of the sea views without neighbours and anything than could annoy you; prefectly decorated and furnished, with luxury furniture and all type of details.In this house there should be a big garden with thousand of trees and flowers, it smells to fresh grass, hydrangeas and jasmin. And of course it has to have a big swimmingpol, one of those where you don't know when the swimmingpool finishes or the ocean begins.
Corporate | Chill outs | Outdoor events
Summer is something more than a season. It's a way of seeing things, a way to face you day life and to live the present; it's a feeling, a smell, a special light, a mediterranian decoration...
Outdoor events | Gala dinners | With a tent | Thematic
As a tradition, las 18th June, we celebrated the partners dinner of the "Real Club de Tenis" in Barcelona. Every year we think the creative concept and we do the execution, that's why we are always looking for new, different and creative concepts. so this year we decided to do an Arabian night party!
Outdoor events | Weddings | Romantic
Summer is the season with more weddings. The good weather, the light and the magic of the sunsets makes june, july and september the ideals months for celebrating these engagements.
Chill outs | Weddings
Who said that a wedding had to had a romantic decoraction? If not tell that to this couple that celebrated a wonderful wedding of industrial style in a very vintage enviroment: El Mercantic in Barcelona.
Corporate | Mediterranean
No hay duda de que los grandes espacios gastronómicos están pisando muy fuerte. Enormes recintos con una gastronomía muy cuidada y un look impecable se han apoderado de ciudades con Barcelona, Madrid, Londres y Nueva York, entre otras. Y es que espacios como El Nacional, El mercado de San Miguel, Covent Garden Market o Chelsea Market han marcado un antes y un después en estas ciudades. Quizá sea el ambiente perfectamente cuidado y a la vez desenfadado o el glamour fresco y comedido, pero está claro que hay algo que engancha a los habitantes de estas ciudades y a sus turistas, y por eso están siempre a rebosar.
Corporate | Chill outs
One of the most common events we normally do is the final party of an incentive trip. What enterprises want is to give an espectacular colophon to leave guests speechless.
Private parties
Chill outs | Private parties | Cocktail | Thematic
Last December we had a different, original very classy and with a lot of taste event. We were aksed for a corporate dinner based in pirates. It was a cocktail dinner and the venue was Museu Marítim de Drassanes in Barcelona. We knew that it would be spectaular but in was more than spectacular!
Last December we had a different, original very classy and with a lot of taste event. We were aksed for a corporate dinner based in pirates. It was a cocktail dinner and the venue was Museu Marítim de Drassanes in Barcelona. We knew that it would be spectaular but in was more than spectacular!
Corporate | Chill outs | Thematic
A few months ago, in November, the hotel chain Barcelo Hotels created a very original and different project: Barceló Invade. They wanted to show their capacity of creation and innovation transforming a hotel in ephemeral and collective a work of art to show that there’s nothing impossible.
Corporate | Cocktail
“El Born” is one of the most emblematic neighborhoods in Barcelona. It’s a place full of charm, style and ambience. One of the most famous and interesting buildings is its market, “El mercat del Born”, where we can find archaelogical remains of Middle Ages in perfect conditions.
Chill outs | Private parties | Weddings
“El Born” is one of the most emblematic neighborhoods in Barcelona. It’s a place full of charm, style and ambience. One of the most famous and interesting buildings is its market, “El mercat del Born”, where we can find archaelogical remains of Middle Ages in perfect conditions.
Tiffany's chair is one of the preferred ones in recent years. We have seen them in all tonalities: in silver, gold, black, methacrylate... But we have opted for bamboo, a fresh material that give a modern and a light touch to this elegant chair.
Stands and fairs | Private parties
It's just over a month for one of the most important events in Barcelona. In the EIBTM you can see people and enterprises of all over the world that come to the city to show us why to go to their countries and do events there.
Outdoor events | Weddings
Between the nature and surrounded by big trees and leafy vegetation we can find a beautiful house of the seventeenth century that has combined very well its look with the nowadays needs to make this venue a unique one.
Corporate | Stands and fairs | Chill outs
Every September when we arrive from holidays there are the most importants decoration fairs in Frankfurt, Paris and Milan.
Corporate | Chill outs | Weddings
London style is fashionable. With an industrial touch, mixing red and black as the main colours with the English flag, it has become one of the coolest styles. Actually, London is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in terms of street art, fashion and lifestyle.
Corporate | Outdoor events | Thematic
The Oktoberfest is the most popular party in Germany. It takes place in Munich since 1810 and attends more than 6 milion people. This festivals runs from Septembre to October.
Cocktail | Thematic trolleys
Last july we did an event with the Juan Carlos I Hotel to promote a new service: The Roal Catering, a new line of caterer for inside and outside events that suits the needs of each client.
With a tent | Thematic trolleys
September, the time of the “rentrée” and an excelent moment for doing balance of what it was and what it will be. And now we want to sum up the “must” of the last season. Because without them this first term of the year won’t have beem the same.
Stands and fairs | Chill outs | Weddings | Romantic
The 25th May we had the oportunity to be part of an event organized by Telva Novias Magazine. It was a wedding day where the best wedding professionals showed their latest. We put a stand with some wedding tables and we were reponsible of decorating the venue.
Outdoor events | Weddings | Romantic
Are you one of those who dream about having a romantic wedding with sweet tonalities? If you are, this is 100% your style.In a lost place between mountains and vegetation where you can only breath pure and clean air we find La Borda de Casa Irene a wonderful place in Artíes, in Vall D'Aran province.
Corporate | Cocktail | Thematic
There are lots of clients that ask for a typical Spanish event and the truth is that Spain is becoming more and more cool. The gastronomy is incredible and every day is more known around the world. Foreigners that come to our country love the ambience of the Spanish tavern and enjoy the "tapas" and the good wine.
Corporate | Conventions and congresses
There's nothing better than a cozy meeting. At least that's what our client thought as he was tired of doing large and uncomfortable meetings. That's why he wanted to do something different.
Outdoor events | Weddings | Romantic
Outdoor events | Cocktail | With a tent
Last 17th of February we had the opportunity to attend a very special event. A&A Iberian Mice Forum was the main organizer. The ideas was to bring to Barcelona the main european DMC and event agencies interested in this city for future events.
Chill outs | Weddings | With a tent
Corporate | Chill outs
Every year, in Barcelona, we celebrate the mobile world congress where the last models and technologies are shown. We are anxious for the arrival, specially those who work orginizing events.
Corporate | Branding
The decoration is everyday more important in any event, we all want to do something different and if we refer to corporate events we want that we can breath the brand in the ambience. That's why we have decided to innovate and do something different, giving a touch of colour.
Chill outs | Private parties | With a tent
Every year, in Barcelona, we celebrate the mobile world congress where the last models and technologies are shown. We are anxious for the arrival, specially those who work orginizing events.
Corporate | Private parties | Gala dinners | Thematic
Althought cold is arriving late and it seems that we are in another season, the truth is that Christmas is just around the corner. That's why from Crimons we want to give you lots of ideas to make this Christmas the most astonishing.
Corporate | Gala dinners | Thematic
Few months ago we received a call from a client who wanted to do a baroque event in La Llotja. Exactly, one of those events where red, gold and velvet texture predominate and has to be very elegant. One of those events that reminds you the past and very frenchfied places.
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SpainIt's not usual but sometimes at the other line of the phone there is a huge event. Is one of those events that you don't know how to begin with. It's not the same to do an event for 100 that is ok, than to do something for 500 or even more complicated, for 1.000 people! That's definitely different.
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As we all know, industrial style has become something fashionable; that's why we want to pay attention to this esthetic that can be use not only for lofts but also for events decoration
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All companies are born because of a need. Louis Vuitton became famous due to the creation of a square briefcase in a time where the favourite way of transportation was by boat. Previously they had trunks so if it rained the water slided of and couldn't soak, but these ones weren't stackable. Louis Vuitton was the first in creating a square briefcase that could be stackable and to prevent to be soak he decided to do it with rubber like fabric.
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Cupcakes, mojitos, rices, popcorn, frankfurts, ice creams... With this carts we will make every event different.
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In this case, we want to talk about our bars' bar, because we think they are a very important part of an event. We can have different colours, sizes and shapes, as well as choosing them lighted or not.
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Who doesn't like to personalize their own event? If you want your brand to be very well seen we propose you lots and different ideas.
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Ducatti is one of the most classic motorcycle brands, because of their models and their corporative red colour.
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Ullastret, right in the middle of the Empordà (Girona, Spain). A wonderful landscape, relax... A real dream. The couple, who got married on Septembre, they chose a beige tent, similar than a moroccan tent, which matched with the beige and white linen tablecloth. For the table centres the wanted to let everybody know their passion for nature, mixing peonies with wild flowers, and other kind of flower at the same time, like roses or paniculata. A blast of colour that provided the tables a very personal touch.
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And suddenly , you charge as interesting as was the ' Auction of ideas ' of Madrid project. twelve innovative ideas and their main bidders were the most important directors in the country marqueting auctioned . To get one of the ideas is not money but time offered the same who were willing to give the agency at a meeting subsequent to know the idea in depth.
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And suddenly you take a call that completely changes your week. That's how this event was, it was early Monday and we foresaw a calm week but finally it wasn't, suddenly we had an event for 300 and we had to think the creative idea and check that all the material was available.
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Are you looking for ideas for babyshowers? In Crimons we have lots of ideas because we love to iinovate and decorate events for the youngest ones.
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As the title says. A banquet of a thousand, of a thousand people what means chairs, cutlery, glasswear, tablewear...for thousand. An event like that is a challenge for all of the professionals of the sector and one more time the result was a triumph thanks to the collaboration of the participants.
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A wedding in April has to be spring-like. These couple had very clear ideas, that's the reason why they decided to give all the attention to the flowers and leave the table neutral although they took care of every detail.
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Rodamco, on of the top shopping center leader, asked us to design a fair stand where they had to receive such important clients, so they needed to enable important spaces to interact with all of them.
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A few years ago we had the pleasure of working for Solan de Cabras. It was an event of branding in a fair in which we collaborated with our wireless lighting furniture. We installed several curve banks drawing waves, bars and a wireless champagne bow.
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At the end of December an Italian company came to Barcelona. At one of its corporate dinners they impressed us with a set up based on lights. From the entrance you could see a path of illuminated balloons that ended in a wonderful lilac facade.
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El Gran Teatre Liceu és un dels edificis més emblemàtics de la ciutat de Barcelona. Situtat a Les Rambles, per la seva història i la seva elegància és un lloc que no deixa indiferent. Per això fer un esdeveniment allà és quelcom únic.
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When April arrived it brought us one of the most spectacular events we have done for years. Thanks to an initiative of Arts Hotel we disguised Crimons as the Monumental Bullring of Barcelona.
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This country wedding took place on a wonderful day in July in a beautiful country house. We took great care down to every last detail, the idea was to create a magical atmosphere. We did our best to make a simple wedding in exquisite taste.
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The garden is a perfect scene for this scenography. An intimate wedding of provencal style full of colour and different from the usual. We wanted to obtain a casual set up combining chairs, tables and tableclothes.
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If you still don't know the new venue DHUB we will like to recomend it to you. It's a spectacular place, one of the coolest venues in Barcelona; it's enormous and there you can do lots of thing, one of them is the events rental. It is situated in Les Glòries square next to the Agbar tower.
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As you all know, our speciality is to innovate, to create different, special, unique atmospheres... However, it is not always easy, either due to the needs of the client or the characteristics of the space or because, as we all know, we are living a period of crisis and the budget is a big problem.
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It is not easy to promise creativity, originality, innovation... It is even more difficult when an idea becomes a real thing. After a long brainstorming, lots of ideas and doubts we decided to do a different event in order to present our new spring collection.
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Everyday there are many people who ask for options to do a different meetings or conferences. And it not only depends on the venue we've chosen but also on the furniture to decorate the room.
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The recylced style is a trend. That's why we want to show you a variety of products that are very in and that can completely change you event style.
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To create a different event it is important that the decoration be unique. This was a presentation of luxury articles of jewellery by different brands. LRO wanted to create an informal environment combining the contrast of luxury articles with indutrial style furniture.
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Everything began with a wonderful ceremony on the garden of a dream house. The altar stood on the porch and the chairs for the guests were around an enormous palm tree. It was a intimate wedding where all the guests were family and the closest friends of the couple. Everything breathed a fresh air, and it smelled of nature and happiness.
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There is nothing better than celebrate an intimate wedding at home with your family and friends. That's how this couple celebrate their wedding day, in their garden, around the pool, giving their best. The truth is that it was spectacular.
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In a company convention you look for functionality, confortability and exchange. This decoration was for a young company that wanted to transmit modernity and good taste doing something rarely seen in this wonderful room in La Quinta de Jarama.
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From a young age you dream of your perfect wedding different from that of other people's. This couple dreamed of a designer wedding in a magical enviroment, Metronom.
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As is tradion the Anar Foundation of Madrid has orginized the event "The thousand and one tables" where decorators and professional designers thematize tables for the annual fundraising dinner.
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It's not easy to organize mass events, this is why we have special affection for this event. It is a corporate event for 1.000 people. The venue, a spectacular place: The National Art Museum of Catalonia.
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When we were asked if it was possible to do a pallet event we did not hesitate to say: of course it is possible! It was June, it eas beginning to get hot and our creativity was at its height. It was about doing something "never seen before".
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A young enterprise needs to do amusing events. That's why on this occasion we decided to do something very colorful. On a base of white sofas we combined puffs, tables, cushions and sunsahdes in yellow, fuchsia, red, orange... any color would look good!
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A wedding is one of the most important events in a couple's life. It is in the moment when the relationship is sealed with the famous "I do". For this reason we all dream of a magical wedding that becomes reality.
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Saturday 14th January. 8 a.m. 4 trucks. 12 people. Objective: to seat 1.000 people in the Palau Sant Jordi. It was too early for a Saturday, it was very cold and the city was empty. We were going to the Palau Sant Jordi to set up an enormous event. Many weeks of preparation, many floorplans, nerves, we wanted to start but above all we wanted to finish in order to see the hours of work becoming reality.
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"Just do it" is one of the best slogans ever. so when we knew that Nike was behind this event, we became so positive and with ouch a desire to excel that you can't even imagine.
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There are days that nothing and nobody can spoil, this was one of those days. It's true that it was raining cats and dogs but all of us were there to make sure this couple had the best day of their lives.
Stone walls hide a secret: they capture all the light. That's why when they are illuminated a magical enviroment is obtained. This was the scene for this wedding. So we wanted to give the importance to the stone and the centerpieces and give a neutral tone to the rest of the decoration.
It's difficult to think of venues for massive events, that why The National Art Museum of Catalonia is, in our opinion, an incredible venue for this kind of project because it is beautiful and has a large capacity.
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Codorniu is one of the most romantic places to celebrate a wedding. Its outdoor gardens and rooms make it a magical place. That's why lots of people dream about getting married in such a singular place.
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080 Barcelona Fashion is a platform that was born in 2007 to give visibility to independent designers and become an international benchmark.
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The Fair EIBTM is the leading exhibition for conferences, incentives, events, bussiness trips and meetings industry. It is held every year in the city of Barcelona.
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The Mobile World Congress is a classic that we live every year in the mediterranean city of Barcelona. It is one of the biggest fairs that takes place in the city and for one week they present the last models of the mobile techonology.
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“Juliette's dream was to create such an incredible event that the whole world would remember it forever”. With this sentence began the invitation for the Atelier de Rêves' event that took place on the 15th March. Actually, all of us who at one time or another organize an event, either because it's part of our work or for a personal reason, share Juliette's dream. Whatever may be the reason, if there's something that we all share it is wanting everything to go well and be perfect.

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