Inaugurating the Àgora in Mas Marroch | Crimons

Mas Marroch is the space that the Roca brothers use for their events and weddings. This December they opened a new spectacular space : the Agora, a project of the architect Oriol Roselló.

This new space stands out not only for its singular form, because it is a huge dome of 22m diameter, but because they have taken care of every detail. For its construction they have considered details that are part of the cuisine of the world's best restaurant . It has a solid wood structure , methacrylate tiles and vegetables lattices to define the space . It is, actually a space of ecological awareness.

Inaugurating the Àgora in Mas Marroch | Crimons

Well, this space was inaugurated this past December and they called us to decorate it for a month. It was a very nice challenge for us because we really wanted to put our furniture in such a unique site . We do not hesitate to put our best clothes : chester leather sofas , leather chairs, ottomans flannel , solid wood tables and thousands of plants to breathe freshness.

We played with big central structures that we opened around the dome , as when you do an assembly in a circular structure it’s to center the furniture.

It’s a pleasure to decorate venues like this one , where we let our imagination ly and we put all the furniture we want . We are delighted to form part of the first month of life os this new project.

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