Ideas to decorate wedding tables

Each wedding is unique and at Crimons we know it, so today we want to give you different ideas to decorate wedding tables. We have made a selection of beautiful tables to be inspiration and help you create the wedding of your dreams.

Ideas para decorar mesas de boda | Crimons

Original wedding table decoration

An original wedding table must have different elements. In addition to having a special tableware, the floral decoration will also be important, all the details count to create an ideal table. We are among those who think that less is more and the small details always make the difference.

Tables should be designed so that guests are comfortable throughout the celebration. It is best to opt for simple details that give harmony to the assembly and are part of the personality of the couple.

We can create a different table if we use golden cutlery to give it a chic touch or choose a different underplate if we want a unique style. If we are looking for a rustic style we can choose a rattan one and if we want something more sophisticated, we can choose a gold or glass one. At Crimons we have several options that can fit the style you are looking for.

Simple outdoor wedding decorations

In outdoor weddings and now with the Covid-19 regulations, the trend is to get a different celebration in the middle of nature.

The mix of imperial tables with round tables and the different plain Crimons tablecloths with gingham squares can give a different touch to our celebration. Create scenographies with various elements, playing with tablecloths or crystal glasses will help us to assemble a unique table. Combining colors with smoked glasses or folding the napkins in a special way. Simple outdoor wedding decorations are achieved with imagination, a good selection of utensils and good advice during the pre-wedding.

At Crimons we can create the perfect decoration because we have all the furniture and utensils you need. Starting with a simple wooden chair that, dressed with a cushion or with a flower arrangement, changes everything, to the combination of different plain or patterned tablecloths that will give a fresh air to your celebration.

Ideas para decorar mesas de boda | Crimons

In other cases, lighting and lamps can offer a unique touch to our wedding. Led light curtains are a trend if we have a dinner outside, since it creates a magical atmosphere.

Another of the distinctive elements of a celebration are the chairs, at Crimons we have several perfect designs to give the final touch. In this case, the bamboo chair model is suitable for an indoor or outdoor celebration. Another of the most popular chairs is the Palau model, which in addition to being comfortable is perfect for any occasion.

On the other hand, combining round tables will promote interaction between the guests in front of the imperial tables. We can also combine them to find the balance between friends and family.

Now that weddings are outdoors, you can mix different types of furniture. We can use different chill outs to create different areas by combining velvet poufs and Chester-style sofas. We no longer only focus on the guest tables but we create safe spaces and decorate them in a unique way.

Ideas para decorar mesas de boda | Crimons

Beautiful decorated tables

Within the new regulations, outdoor weddings take on a special meaning. Finding spaces with gardens and large terraces are almost a necessity, so the guests will enjoy a different wedding in a unique space.

In outdoor weddings we can also choose an imperial table and leave it unclothed, that is, without table linen. Sometimes with a low plate, and a path of flowers we can create an informal but elegant decoration. We leave you with different beautiful tables decorated by Crimons.

The patterned tablecloths can give a unique touch to our celebration. If we have different tables we can dress them by mixing plain tablecloths with other patterned ones.

Another essential element are the flower centers or paths to dress the table. If the celebration is during the day, we will use flowers that do not smell so that the smells do not mix with the food. In the case of using candles, we must think the same, always without odor. The candles can be put inside crystal glasses or candelabra depending on the style of the wedding.

Ideas para decorar mesas de boda | Crimons

Crockery is an important element like glassware and well combined we can obtain a perfect result. If we use crystal glasses for wine, the glasses for water can be smoked in other colors that combine with the crockery and table linens. In the same way, napkins also give a lot of play on all wedding tables. They can be used to store the menu, to hold the name of the guests, to decorate them with a floral motif or to make a different presentation. If we place them to the right, above or below the plate, we will achieve a totally different result.

Now you just need to decide the style of your wedding to get to work on it. We are sure that in our showroom you will find all the inspiration you are looking for. If you need advice or more ideas, make an appointment and come see us. We will be happy to assist you and help you create the wedding of your dreams.

Ideas para decorar mesas de boda | Crimons

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