What Crimons does?

Crimons is the beginning of a great story, or the recognition of a long career. Crimons is applauses, toasts and staging. It's a blank canvas ornamented by a team of 50 professionals who co-ordinate and select every element of the design in order to create an atmosphere in which everything can happen. We are ephemeral installations for extraordinary events. And this, we know how to do it, for we have been doing it for over 60 years.

Decoration and Ephemeral Structures
Each of our projects is unique. It tells a story that we have thought of, developed and produced to create an impeccable result. Sometimes it can be translated into a great modular structure to recreate a gastronomic multi-space aligned with the latest trends. Other times, we like to play with details and adapt to the singularity of the space. Yet we always stem from a 3D project in order to control and monitor the whole process, adjusting to what we seek. Crimons is no place for improvising.

Furniture hire
Design sofas and chairs; tables in different shapes, colours and materials; tailored furniture; themed stands, and even food trucks inspired in the fifties. Everything fits in our 5000 m2 warehouse.

Crimons Sustainability We are a socially and environmentally committed company. We firmly believe in the circular economy and we work every day to reduce the impact that our activity generates on society.

The concept of renting instead of buying helps to contribute to a more sustainable world, giving the same product a second, third or even multiple lives.

The impact of the material we use (furniture) is as important as the auxiliary material necessary to carry out our activity. It is essential to adequately protect the furniture to extend the life of the products as much as possible and to provide a quality service. We have currently managed to reduce the consumption of single-use packaging by more than 50%, creating reusable protective covers with sustainable materials.

We have set ourselves the goal of ending single-use packaging by 2025 following EU guidelines.

It goes without saying that we have systems for collecting classified waste: plastics, cardboard and glass.

CSR Crimons actively collaborates with Formació y Treball (FIT), Association of labor insertion for people at risk of social exclusion.

Crimons, is the leading company of design and high quality furniture rental for any kind of event. It is a supplier specialized in Fairs, Congresses, Corporate and Private Events. Warehouses are located in Madrid and Barcelona with more than 5.000sqm. It reaches all the national territory, France and Portugal.

Do you have an event?

We carry out a custom project and rent what you need for your events.