Mejores cócteles para eventos

The cocktails for events have different fundamental goals for the guests. At one hand, they cheer up the meeting, on the other, they offer a sharp atmosphere for both the venue and the organizers. It's and optim way to deliver the message. Let's go with the top 5 cocktails for the event.

The best cocktails for events | Crimons

1.- Cocktail Alexander

The first cocktail for events is the Alexander cocktail. It consists of an elegant, pretty versatil and very comfortable cocktail. It's a simple but with a high positive impact on the guests cocktail. It's an ideal cocktail to taste after a banquet or special dinner due to the fact that it's based on a digestive proposal. Rom, brandi and cognac are used for it's preparation, giving a versatil spirit when preparing it. These are the ingredients to carry it out:

  • 3 cl cognac or brandi
  • 3 cl of cacao cream
  • 3 cl of liquid cream

A little of cinnamon is added to offer the enjoyable and soft taste. So, is one of those cocktails for events suitable for every guest.

The best cocktails for events | Crimons

2.- White russian

Our second cocktail is the White Russian or Black Russian. Generally, is one of the most popular cocktails and with high popularity among the cocktail alternatives for events. Also, it consists of a pleasant cocktail classified as a digestive one. Loads of ice is needed for it's preparation together with:

  • 5cl of white vodka
  • From 2 to 3cl of coffee liqueuer
  • Cream or milk to complete the cocktail

To decorate our White Russian cocktail, a cherry on top of it will fit perfectly well.

The best cocktails for events | Crimons

3.- Cooler Champaign

The third selected cocktail for events is the Cooler champaign, an elegance sample which boosts distintion and good taste for any type of event. The ingredients for its preparation are the simplest ones.

  • Sugar
  • Angostura bitters
  • Brandi or cognac
  • Champaign
  • Orange peel or lemon
The best cocktails for events | Crimons

4.- Casino

The Casino cocktail can not miss in the list of cocktails for events. IT's a cocktail which has won popularity worldwide as it is taste convincing by all the tasters resulting in a pleasant drink. The ingredients are:

  • 4cl of any gin label
  • 1cl of Maraschino
  • 1cl of orange bitter
  • 1cl of lemon juice
  • cherry or lemon peel to decorate
The best cocktails for events | Crimons

5.- Grasshoper

The Grasshoper is the last of our proposes. Due to its' fresh personality and original aspect, it's a perfect cocktail for events. Indeed, it's an ideal summer cocktail for its pleasurable taste. The ingredients for it are:

  • 3cl of white cacao cream
  • 3cl of mint cream
  • 3cl of cream Extra mint leaves or gooseberry can be added to the cocktail to give a special touch.

We hope all of these cocktails for events are helpful to offer the treatment and image you desire to all your guests. We remind you that in Crimons we can be in charge of all the decoration for you to offer an unforgettable evening.

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