At Crimons we have always believed and bet on "flying high and flying far", which is why we continue to grow in order to offer the best to our customers. Expanding both headquarters, both in personnel, as in cubic meters, in technology and sustainability.

2022 was a special year in the sector, a slow start, which in no way augured the excellent results at the end of the year, achieving not only recovery but also exceeding expectations. It was the perfect impulse to grow at all levels.

  • Staff; we reinstated the entire team, even doubling the staff at both locations compared to pre-pandemic levels.

  • Warehouses; a total investment of 4 million Euros, to cover the entire Spanish, French and Portuguese panorama.

Madrid: in March 2022 we changed our warehouse, located in San Fernando de Henares to make room for more than 25,000m3 of storage, new offices, and comfortable loading docks for logistics. From this warehouse we support the entire north, center and south of Spain, as well as our neighboring country, Portugal.

Barcelona: in December 2022 we built a warehouse from scratch, to cover the needs at the Sant Joan Despí headquarters. It has more than 20,000 m3 of storage to cover the eastern part of the peninsula, and France.

  • Tecnología; digitalizamos todo el proceso logístico y sistema de almacenaje, para dar una mejor respuesta a la creciente demanda. Consiguiendo así ser más eficientes y poder ofrecer un mejor servicio a nuestro cliente.

  • Moda; buscamos siempre las últimas tendencias, para poder incorporarlo a los eventos. Esta temporada, ofrecemos productos que sean las líneas de decoración; elementos curvy, cantos redondeados, formas circulares y movimientos suaves. Materiales y colores naturales, como el mármol, la pizarra, madera, presentes en las propuestas al igual que el movimiento Art Deco

  • Sostenibilidad; en el corazón de Crimons encontramos la sostenibilidad; reutilizar los materiales alquilándolos, y ofreciendo así una segunda vida, tercera, cuarta… Además, hacemos hincapié en reducir sobrantes, reciclar los productos y materiales, reducir embalajes, buscando soluciones eco-friendly, liderando así la sostenibilidad en los eventos.


Crimons continues to grow to be able to offer pioneering solutions to the events sector, always hand in hand with sustainability.

We continue to grow to continue offering the best!

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