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To create a different event it is important that the decoration be unique. This was a presentation of luxury articles of jewellery by different brands. LRO wanted to create an informal environment combining the contrast of luxury articles with indutrial style furniture.
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"Just do it" is one of the best slogans ever. so when we knew that Nike was behind this event, we became so positive and with ouch a desire to excel that you can't even imagine.
It's difficult to think of venues for massive events, that why The National Art Museum of Catalonia is, in our opinion, an incredible venue for this kind of project because it is beautiful and has a large capacity.
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080 Barcelona Fashion is a platform that was born in 2007 to give visibility to independent designers and become an international benchmark.
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The Fair EIBTM is the leading exhibition for conferences, incentives, events, bussiness trips and meetings industry. It is held every year in the city of Barcelona.
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The Mobile World Congress is a classic that we live every year in the mediterranean city of Barcelona. It is one of the biggest fairs that takes place in the city and for one week they present the last models of the mobile techonology.
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In a company convention you look for functionality, confortability and exchange. This decoration was for a young company that wanted to transmit modernity and good taste doing something rarely seen in this wonderful room in La Quinta de Jarama.
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It's not easy to organize mass events, this is why we have special affection for this event. It is a corporate event for 1.000 people. The venue, a spectacular place: The National Art Museum of Catalonia.
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When we were asked if it was possible to do a pallet event we did not hesitate to say: of course it is possible! It was June, it eas beginning to get hot and our creativity was at its height. It was about doing something "never seen before".
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Saturday 14th January. 8 a.m. 4 trucks. 12 people. Objective: to seat 1.000 people in the Palau Sant Jordi. It was too early for a Saturday, it was very cold and the city was empty. We were going to the Palau Sant Jordi to set up an enormous event. Many weeks of preparation, many floorplans, nerves, we wanted to start but above all we wanted to finish in order to see the hours of work becoming reality.
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At the end of December an Italian company came to Barcelona. At one of its corporate dinners they impressed us with a set up based on lights. From the entrance you could see a path of illuminated balloons that ended in a wonderful lilac facade.
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A few years ago we had the pleasure of working for Solan de Cabras. It was an event of branding in a fair in which we collaborated with our wireless lighting furniture. We installed several curve banks drawing waves, bars and a wireless champagne bow.
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Rodamco, on of the top shopping center leader, asked us to design a fair stand where they had to receive such important clients, so they needed to enable important spaces to interact with all of them.
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And suddenly you take a call that completely changes your week. That's how this event was, it was early Monday and we foresaw a calm week but finally it wasn't, suddenly we had an event for 300 and we had to think the creative idea and check that all the material was available.
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As the title says. A banquet of a thousand, of a thousand people what means chairs, cutlery, glasswear, tablewear...for thousand. An event like that is a challenge for all of the professionals of the sector and one more time the result was a triumph thanks to the collaboration of the participants.
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And suddenly , you charge as interesting as was the ' Auction of ideas ' of Madrid project. twelve innovative ideas and their main bidders were the most important directors in the country marqueting auctioned . To get one of the ideas is not money but time offered the same who were willing to give the agency at a meeting subsequent to know the idea in depth.

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