Fall wedding ideas 2020/ covid free

This 2020 is being an intense year for the bridal sector in Spain. Weddings postponed, suspended and in other cases, weddings in petit committee that offer a new, more intimate format.

Weddings with few guests are loaded with special moments. They are beginning to be the general trend, although there are couples who opt for weddings with more guests but with restrictions. The bride and groom have to decide together with the wedding planner what type of celebration they prefer and work hand in hand to achieve the desired celebration.

Fall Wedding ideas. Covid  | Crimons

Weddings in Fall Winter 2020

This fall we will have intimate weddings with few guests, celebrations full of unique moments, more personalized details and exceptional decoration. As we have said, each couple decides within their needs and the regulations of the moment.

In many cases, outdoor celebrations, country weddings or private homes with large gardens have been chosen. Each wedding is unique and except for limitations by the administrations, we can hold an event within this new normality.

Fall Wedding ideas. Covid  | Crimons

Weddings in Fall

Weddings at this time of year are magical. If you have chosen to celebrate the wedding in a farm, you will enjoy a beautiful setting, full of dry leaves and shades of brown, yellow and orange. The light in autumn is very special so the photos of your wedding will be unique. However, wedding and guest dresses also offer many possibilities.

Fall Wedding ideas. Covid  | Crimons
Fall Wedding ideas. Covid  | Crimons

Weddings new normal

From the Association of Wedding Professionals of Spain (APBE) that support the sector of weddings and wedding planners, it is promptly informed of the guidelines to follow with the celebrations. We are aware that protocols are changing every week and it is difficult to adapt to these uncertain times, but little by little we will move forward. The best thing is to plan ahead and trust a team of professionals to make sure everything goes well.

Fall Wedding ideas. Covid  | Crimons

Crimons helps you set up your wedding

From Crimons we want to give you the best guarantee. We offer you our rental material fully sanitized and prepared for you to use it safely. We have a protocol for the delivery of the furniture, you decide at all times. We want you to feel comfortable and to receive the best advice.

We have everything you need to configure the style you want. It is important to find your own style, in this season we can see vibrant shades such as reddish, brown, pink, orange, green and neutral colors such as cream, gray and blue. Tablecloths combined with china and glassware can create spectacular tables in shades of gold and orange.

Fall Wedding ideas. Covid  | Crimons

It is important to have a perfect floral style that combines vegetation or seasonal fruits to finish giving a unique touch to our tables. If we are looking for more warmth we can add chandeliers or candles. Lighting is an important part that will give us a cozy and magical atmosphere.

If you need personalized advice for your wedding, do not hesitate to contact our team to find what you are looking for. At Crimons we have a team of professionals ready to help you at all times.

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