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An event from the begining to the end

All companies are born because of a need. Louis Vuitton became famous due to the creation of a square briefcase in a time where the favourite way of transportation was by boat. Previously they had trunks so if it rained the water slided of and couldn't soak, but these ones weren't stackable. Louis Vuitton was the first in creating a square briefcase that could be stackable and to prevent to be soak he decided to do it with rubber like fabric.

Crimons was the first in creating nice and distended ambiences. In a time when the chill out music was created so that people could enjoy in their leisure time of a relaxed atmosphere to talk quietly, Crimons thought that it was a good moment to join with a relaxed ambience that payed special attention to the decoration. It was about creating an ambience where people could enjoy after a gala dinner, uina weddings, coporate event...

If there's something that Louis Vuitton and Crimons share is the desire to be always innovating, doing differnt things but always with a similar style. Crimons thinks the creative concept, develops it and finally produces the decoration of the event.

Every year the Barcelona Tennis Club ask us for doing the gala dinner for their memebers. This year we wanted to honor the biggets innovator, Louis Vuitton. So although we are of another activity they are trendsetters and the Barcelona Club Tennis wants to be pioneer in all theis banquets.

An event from the begining to the end | Crimons
An event from the begining to the end | Crimons

To develop the idea it is important capture it on the paper. We are experts in doing floorplans, it is something very useful and visual so the client can have an idea of our furniture in the room chosen.

This time the idea was clear, we wanted to base the project in the last campaign of Louis Vuitton so we decided to draw a checkerboard and play with 3 colors: black, white and yellow. All the ideas have a b plan and they develop. There is a clear evolution in all the decoration projects and almost never anything finish as it stars.

An event from the begining to the end | Crimons
An event from the begining to the end | Crimons

And once we have thought the idea, we've done the florrplan and it is accepted by the cuestomer we begin with de production.

In this case we took care of everything, we rarely say no to anything. We put the carpeting in the soil of the track of the Tenni's Club, we made the tablecloths in the colors chosen, we painted the table numbers, we commissioned the most suitable flowers for the season, we carried all the structures, cutlery, buffets for bartenders ... Maybe after seeing this event you can understand why we have 4 storehouse.

So when a customer arrives to Crimons with a need we give him and idea of how to develop their event, we do the decoration project with the floorplans and pictures of possible material to choose. Finally we transport all the material to the event and do the set up, so we have a 360º service.

An event from the begining to the end | Crimons

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