¡We love the South!

This last month has been especially exciting for our team, these last few weeks we have been working in Seville, Granada and the Algarve.

Read on to find out all the details of our trips to Andalucía and Portugal.

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Seville (dazzling at the Latin Grammys): We have participated in parallel events in the vibrant city of Seville, which for the first time hosted this prestigious musical event. From decorative details to the recreation of unforgettable spaces. We have decorated the spaces of a hotel, so that your guests feel at home. We have participated in the VIP spaces of different brands to host all the celebrities, offering a welcome desk to receive participants and chill out areas for staff breaks.

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Granada (congress by color): The Granada Conference Center was the perfect setting for our last thematic congress. As we already organized in other cities, such as Mallorca or Madrid, we divided the rooms by color, in which they will be discussed. different themes. All of them in auditorium format, with a set stage, we transform each corner to offer a unique chromatic experience. To all this we add the cushions, which give the final touch of color to these rooms. And as a novelty, this year we are very present in Portugal. With our own transportation and equipment transported to any location, we serve all of Portugal.

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Porches (end of summer): In Vila Vita Parc, we celebrate the end of summer with a big party. Under an impressive tipi we prepared a dining room for more than 500 people. Combining the rustic tables and the Louis XVI chair. A most surprising combination. On the other hand, on the beach, we combine the hotel's hammocks with the cuerda collection, armchairs and sofas with esparto carpets, to create a most summery chill out by the sea.

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Carvoeiro (corporate meeting): A company traveled to the Algarve for its employees to hold the company's annual meeting. A planazo! We create a Nordic-style auditorium, combining chairs and armchairs. The idea was to create semicircles of 4-5 people, sharing a support table, so that they could exchange impressions. On the other hand, we turned the dinner into a dance floor, adding chill outs in black, and touches of color with the velvet poufs. A winning combination, because the lighting of the space enhances these touches of color.

Traveler Crimons | Crimons

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We have also been to Valencia, Bilbao, Xixona and Zaragoza in the last month. We are where we need to be! We will tell you more shortly...

Until the next adventure!

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