Furniture rental for online events

Events have changed and the new formats have been running for months between restrictions and covid-19. Today we want to talk to you about all the rental furniture options that we have in Crimons for this type of events, presentations, streaming and online formats.

Virtual events with Crimons

More and more companies have had to reformulate their face-to-face events, now we must carry out more streams and virtual events for product presentations, galas or awards ceremonies. Virtual sets give way to new forms of communication and we can reach a larger audience if we configure the event well.

Furniture rental for online events 2021 | Crimons

Rental sofas for events

The sofas for events are consolidated as one of the star furniture to hold an online event. At Crimons we have Chester sofas both individual and in black or brown. We also have velvet sofas in different colors that give a unique touch to any setting.

Furniture rental for online events 2021 | Crimons

Rental armchairs for events

On virtual sets it is also very common to find Chester-type armchairs and other models such as the Velvet model in different colors: blue, black, green or boiler. Its colors are adapted to the needs of each brand because being available in many colors, they always fit. Other models such as the OH model in red and other models in white or black are always a hit. The Biz chair is also very versatile, adapting to sets for streaming or online conferences.

Chester armchairs are also a safe bet because they are comfortable and are an iconic model that we love. We have it available in black, white and brown. In our catalog you will find all the available options.

Furniture rental for online events 2021 | Crimons

Tables and lecterns for virtual events

Support tables of different heights are usually present at any online event. We have models of high and low tables for every occasion, in white, black or wood. The lecterns are also consolidated as an indispensable element for virtual meetings.

Virtual events for companies

If you are thinking of holding a virtual event for your company, you may be interested in online presentation counters. We have bar-type tables in wood or metal that can be adjusted to the format you are looking for.

Tables like the Niza curved model can be extended to get a very current online set. There are also other models for TV shows like the Tata Bus bar. In our bars section you will find models that can become great counters for any virtual event.

Furniture rental for online events 2021 | Crimons

Do you have an event?

We carry out a custom project and rent what you need for your events.