Decoration for a vintage wedding

When it comes to planning your wedding, choosing a retro style will give to this day a romantich and nostalgic feel that will not go unnoticed. You can choose a dress with an eighties cut, eighties music and a matching decoration. Bare in mind that only by introducing a few details you will already find that so special effect.

Decoración para una boda Vintage  | Crimons

Wood and light

If there is a characteristic of the decoration for this kind of ceremonies, is the presence of wooden elements. Within those, the use of cajas de madera. They can be basic or have an industrial look, depending if you want a more or less rustic touch. Fill them with flowers, gifts for guests or whatever you like. Regarding the lighting, it is another key element: use an arrow made of lightbulbs to indicate the dance floor or light letters to compose the word "bar", make the party obvious!

Use old furniture

Or at least, furniture that looks old. For example, a dressing table decorated with flowers will bring a flare of romanticism which can look ideal as exterior decoration. Other ideas that we suggest:

Decoración para una boda Vintage  | Crimons


If you are lucky to have a garden, you can take a lot of advantage. If there are trees, hang some lights to create atmosphere and place some velvet sofas underneath. Don't be shy with colors: green, blue and red are ideal for this trend. If you prefer leather, you can always use chester sofas, which are very elegant. Use blackboards to complete and personalise them with your messages.

Other elements

To complete the decoration of your vintage wedding, you should look after some little details, like:

  • Try to make the center pieces and table numbers, keep in correlation with the general theme. You can use, for example, rustic elements made of wood or metal.
  • If you need additional lighting, it is a great idea to go for chandeliers and lanterns. They always bring a distinctive and special touch.
  • Other attrezzo that will help create an atmosphere: for example, you can use popcorn machines like the cinema ones from the eighties. Or you can use an old mirror for your favorite photo booth.

These are only a few suggestions, because the most important when you are planning your vintage wedding si to make sure you are giving it your own personality. It will be unforgettable!

Decoración para una boda Vintage  | Crimons
Decoración para una boda Vintage  | Crimons
Decoración para una boda Vintage  | Crimons
Decoración para una boda Vintage  | Crimons

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