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With the end of the year arrives one of the most romantic season. The nature crowds of warm colours and the greens becomes reds, orange and golden.
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Una puesta de sol, las dunas y el calor Africano. Esos fueron los pilares de nuestro último diseño de evento temático “Memorias de África”
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En Crimons hemos creado nuestro propio espacio de relax y divertimento, ¡te presentamos nuestros chiringuitos! Chiringuitos para eventos
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The garden is a perfect scene for this scenography. An intimate wedding of provencal style full of colour and different from the usual. We wanted to obtain a casual set up combining chairs, tables and tableclothes.
Weddings | Cocktail | Outdoor events | With a tent
This country wedding took place on a wonderful day in July in a beautiful country house. We took great care down to every last detail, the idea was to create a magical atmosphere. We did our best to make a simple wedding in exquisite taste.
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When we were asked if it was possible to do a pallet event we did not hesitate to say: of course it is possible! It was June, it eas beginning to get hot and our creativity was at its height. It was about doing something "never seen before".
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A young enterprise needs to do amusing events. That's why on this occasion we decided to do something very colorful. On a base of white sofas we combined puffs, tables, cushions and sunsahdes in yellow, fuchsia, red, orange... any color would look good!
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Are you looking for ideas for babyshowers? In Crimons we have lots of ideas because we love to iinovate and decorate events for the youngest ones.
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And suddenly , you charge as interesting as was the ' Auction of ideas ' of Madrid project. twelve innovative ideas and their main bidders were the most important directors in the country marqueting auctioned . To get one of the ideas is not money but time offered the same who were willing to give the agency at a meeting subsequent to know the idea in depth.
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Ullastret, right in the middle of the Empordà (Girona, Spain). A wonderful landscape, relax... A real dream. The couple, who got married on Septembre, they chose a beige tent, similar than a moroccan tent, which matched with the beige and white linen tablecloth. For the table centres the wanted to let everybody know their passion for nature, mixing peonies with wild flowers, and other kind of flower at the same time, like roses or paniculata. A blast of colour that provided the tables a very personal touch.
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There is nothing better than celebrate an intimate wedding at home with your family and friends. That's how this couple celebrate their wedding day, in their garden, around the pool, giving their best. The truth is that it was spectacular.
Weddings | Outdoor events | Romantic
Cocktail | Outdoor events | With a tent
Last 17th of February we had the opportunity to attend a very special event. A&A Iberian Mice Forum was the main organizer. The ideas was to bring to Barcelona the main european DMC and event agencies interested in this city for future events.
Weddings | Outdoor events | Romantic
Weddings | Outdoor events | Romantic
Are you one of those who dream about having a romantic wedding with sweet tonalities? If you are, this is 100% your style.In a lost place between mountains and vegetation where you can only breath pure and clean air we find La Borda de Casa Irene a wonderful place in Artíes, in Vall D'Aran province.
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The Oktoberfest is the most popular party in Germany. It takes place in Munich since 1810 and attends more than 6 milion people. This festivals runs from Septembre to October.

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