It is becoming more and more common to offer added value to your events. That is why it is very fashionable to organize themed corporate meetings. Where the important thing continues to be the topics that are going to be dealt with, although the setting of the space is a step forward.

At Crimons we have a successful model in organizing thematic corporate meetings.

Today we will detail 3 inspiring examples and then we will reveal the keys so that you can organize a successful thematic event.

Keys to organizing a successful thematic meeting | Crimons
Keys to organizing a successful thematic meeting | Crimons


Set in the big apple, we decorated the main exteriors with benches and lampposts to simulate a metropolis.

We created a rest area, combining Chester sofas and armchairs, with an area with high tables where wood is combined with upholstery and leather, recreating comforting living rooms.

In each room of the congress a different theme was treated, that is why each room had an assigned color.

  • Red Room: a combination of industrial sofas and armchairs, with cushions giving a red touch.
  • Salón Azul Celeste: we recreated a movie theater, with the Manchester collection in black, highlighting the color blue with cushions. Each sofa was accompanied by low tables, as support, and at the end of the room, industrial tables with wrought iron chairs.
  • Yellow Room: we created an auditorium with the Bvgalri collection and yellow velvet cushions. Highlighting the color of the room with some mustard-colored mesh chairs, in conjunction with the stage furniture.
  • Navy Blue Living Room: In this workshop, we created small groups with the blue velvet collection, we added black Oslo chairs and low tables to match.
Keys to organizing a successful thematic meeting | Crimons
Keys to organizing a successful thematic meeting | Crimons


In this event, we were given a challenge, to create an auditorium for 130 people exclusively with the velvet collection.

To meet the challenge, we prepared a plenary room that combined sofas, armchairs, poufs, all from our velvet collection, we also added the Platner chairs, to give a bright touch. The main objective was for the participants to be comfortable, therefore, we interspersed some black low tables so that they could support water bottles or make notes.

In the same room, we created a second area, as a coffee break between the different presentations. Gold high tables with velvet stools, a classic combined with marble platner tables and platner chairs. Always following the same line.

A result that met all expectations.

Keys to organizing a successful thematic meeting | Crimons
Keys to organizing a successful thematic meeting | Crimons


Last January, we were present at a businessmen's convention in one of the most important hotels in the capital, which completely changed to become the most authentic Madrid. Walking through its corridors was like taking a walk through the Retiro itself!

There were three essential parts to this setting:

  • The Hall of the hotel became the San Miguel market. Full of food trucks and food stalls to recreate one of the best-known markets in the city.
  • Coffee Break full of garden chairs, benches and lampposts so that attendees could take a break, in the Retiro.
  • Plenary Room, a fun combination of pallet sofas, Acapulco armchairs, Kenya poufs… A colorful combination for this sequence of presentations.

Undoubtedly, a very different staging, risky, but it was a winning combination.

Keys to organizing a successful thematic meeting | Crimons
Keys to organizing a successful thematic meeting | Crimons

The key aspects for the success of the organization of these three thematic events are the following:

  • Creativity and thematic coherence: Each of the events presented a specific theme and a great effort was made to create a coherent and thematic atmosphere in each of the rooms and spaces used. This was achieved through the careful choice of furniture, accessories and décor for each event, making attendees feel immersed in the theme of the event from the moment they walked in.

  • Comfort and attention to detail: At each event, special attention was paid to the comfort of the attendees, providing comfortable seats and areas to rest and socialize. Details such as tables to support drinks and take notes were added, which helped attendees feel comfortable and at ease.

  • Personalization of each space: Each event room was decorated differently, which allowed attendees to explore and discover different environments and styles throughout the event. In addition, specific colors and furniture were used for each space, which allowed the visual differentiation of each area and helped attendees to find their way around the event.

  • Incorporation of cultural elements: In the Madrid event, an authentic experience of the city was created through the recreation of the San Miguel market and the Retiro, iconic cultural elements of the city. Outdoor sofas were combined with wood and wicker textures such as pallet sofas, Acapulco armchairs and decoration with cushions in green tones to give a touch of nature. This allowed attendees to experience an important part of the city's culture and create a unique and memorable experience.

  • Taking Risks: Some events took creative risks, such as combining different styles of furniture and accessories. Although this choice can be risky, these events have shown that the combination of different elements can create an interesting and attractive atmosphere for attendees.

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