Unique Pieces - Introducing our new collection

We present the new collection of unique pieces; a selection of vintage furniture with a lot of personality ideal to combine with modern elements and make your event unique and unrepeatable. The most incredible feature of this new collection is that, in addition to being available for rent, there is now also the option of sale. All its components are, without any doubt, singular elements and individually very powerful. By incorporating them into a montage, they will automatically become the main protagonists.

The Unique Pieces collection, in addition to being available for rent, now also has a sale option!

Today we want to present the first two elements. First of all, the Vintage Kitchen Cabinet from the 50s is ideal for recreating an old kitchen, for example. It can be combined with Pop elements such as the Boom XL Table or the White Panton Chairs, or mix this style with rustic elements (Cadaqués Chairs, Java Lamps, Hydraulic Rugs, etc.) to achieve a more modern and current atmosphere. Together with some dehydrated plants and a good background we achieve that, despite obtaining a very complete composition, the furniture stands out above the rest of the elements.

Unique Pieces - Introducing our new collection | Crimons

Secondly and lastly for today, we also present the Vintage Yellow Chairs. Chairs designed in France during the 70s, using innovative materials such as escubidú and vibrant colors such as yellow. Ideal to decorate a hall or to create the perfect set for an interview, for example. In this case, we decided to combine them with our Low Marble Table, the Autonomous Yellow Floor Lamp, the new Fez Carpet and the Black Wood Pouf; all together creating a modern but vintage composition at the same time. Combining the set with some dehydrated plants we obtain an ideal corner and with the chairs as the main protagonists.

Unique Pieces - Introducing our new collection | Crimons

We hope you liked the new collection, you can discover it in full on our website. Pay attention on our social networks since we will soon be presenting the rest of the pieces.

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