Long Lasting Plants collection | Crimons

The Crimons dehydrated plant collection is grwoing with the arrival of new varieties of trees, XL plants and small plants. Now you can hire all sorts of plants for your events and complete the sets with a touch of green.

If you need to separate spaces, you can add bamboo or ficuses, they are tall and slender plants, perfect to create green walls and add freshness. If you prefer to theme the event with a modern touch, the cactus collection won't go unnoticed. Have fun combining different shapes and heights to achieve a mexican look. Oh! And you cannot miss the exotic dehydrated plants, imagine a chill out hidden amongst banana trees or a tropical banquette with anthuriums or monsteras!

Remember that plants add and differenciate events, they enrich and fill the space in an original way.

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Long Lasting Plants collection | Crimons

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