Hygiene measures that assure a COVID-FREE kick

Hygiene measures that assure a COVID-FREE kick | Crimons

New sizes of hygiene of face at guaranteeing the delivery and collection of our furniture disinfected, conforming the distances of security and with the personnel endowed of squads of protection (masks and products disinfectants), that assure a request COVID-FREE.


All our vehicles will be disinfected entirely before each delivery tracking the protocols of prevention recommended.


Have implanted all the protocols of hygiene recommended by the WHO and the Ministry of Health, to guarantee that our furniture is 100% certain. We remove the disposable packagings that manage at points of recycling of plastics and cartons, to preserve the environment and also utilise packagings of several uses disinfected every time.


Have adopted the pertinent sanitary sizes and will conform the protocols of performance to disinfect our installations, materials and that the workers are protected.

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