The advantages to rent screens for an event

Sometimes we find that the place where we celebrate the event has a very opened room. Perhaps too many. Maybe we need to install at the same room a zone for the pause of the coffee and, also, a section for the networking of our assistants. And here it is where will take advantage of at the maximum the potential of this piece of our furniture.

Advantages to rent screens for an event | Crimons

They are ideal to part ambients

Is the principal function of the screens. We can dispose them among the zones that want to differentiate to create two different ambients. This does not achieve with other elements, like the catenaries, since at opaque being contribute some privacy. Like this, the anteriorly mentioned zone of the coffee will stay perfectly delimited and differentiated of the zone of the networking. Or what you need.

They conform an aesthetic function

Sure enough, in addition to creating two ambients, contribute an extra point at the decoration. Therefore, you can find wooden, of osier or even vintage screens, a lot of accord with the more events retro. On the other hand, and given his aesthetic function and the privacy that provide, can serve us to obscure some rooms that do not want to that they are in sight, like the zone of the cuisine or some zone that use to save things.

They are very easy to dispose

In fact, for the function that conform, are much more practical that install structures of main complexity. Only it consists at situating them and expand them! And, besides, you can install them where, how and when want to. Or move them without that it suppose main problem, so that you can pose them and remove them when no longer need the ones, or reposition them at another place.

They have uses that have not imagined you

Although already have talked of his principal function, also can utilise of other very imaginative forms, with which thing is probable that you can reuse them along the event. Some of these options are: - As a fund of arenas, after the quals dispose atrezzo or to contribute an extra point at the decoration. - Combining varied can form a changing room or zone to capsize . - To delimit a zone of step or guide at the persons, for example, to the point of access. Given his ease of transport, can remove them once it commence the event. - Even they can serve to form a room to vote! If at the end, or during your event, need to do some votes, can create a small cabin thanks to them, without necessity of more montages aparatosos. - We can dispose on them messages, expositions or posters. - Or create a small room of office, shut by a paravent

Advantages to rent screens for an event | Crimons
Advantages to rent screens for an event | Crimons
Advantages to rent screens for an event | Crimons
Advantages to rent screens for an event | Crimons

How you view, the screens are easy to dispose, contribute differentiation of rooms without necessity to dispose dud walls and have infinity of uses. It occurs you some more?

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