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Crimons invests more than 4m in expanding its facilities in Barcelona and Madrid
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We say goodbye to an atypical year and start, full of excitement, a very promising 2022
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Customize your event with these unique elements. Dare to play with color to get an event with personality.
Introducing the new collection of unique pieces with the option of sale or rent
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Customise the bars of your event is a plus to give visibility at your brand or remark a message
Corporate | Stands and fairs | Conventions and congresses | Branding
This capsule is designed for the best, technological and pioneering events. Where it predominates whites, the order and the minimalism
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La iluminación cumple un papel fundamental en la organización de cualquier evento.
Corporate | Stands and fairs | Branding
A few years ago we had the pleasure of working for Solan de Cabras. It was an event of branding in a fair in which we collaborated with our wireless lighting furniture. We installed several curve banks drawing waves, bars and a wireless champagne bow.
Corporate | Stands and fairs | Branding
Rodamco, on of the top shopping center leader, asked us to design a fair stand where they had to receive such important clients, so they needed to enable important spaces to interact with all of them.
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Ducatti is one of the most classic motorcycle brands, because of their models and their corporative red colour.
Corporate | Stands and fairs | Branding
Who doesn't like to personalize their own event? If you want your brand to be very well seen we propose you lots and different ideas.
Corporate | Branding
The decoration is everyday more important in any event, we all want to do something different and if we refer to corporate events we want that we can breath the brand in the ambience. That's why we have decided to innovate and do something different, giving a touch of colour.
Corporate | Stands and fairs | Branding
One of the most famous fairs in Barcelona is the Alimentaria Fair that is held every March. As a reference in gastronomy many visitors come to Barcelona in these days and besides enjoying the stands at Fira de Barcelona, there are much more events outside their doors.
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Maximum nostalgia was this feeling, being always behind ths scenes, but rarely in the front line. We wanted to become protagonists and to make you leave aside the steps, the timmings, the rush and the nerves to live a night of laughter, parentheses and clear mind. It is true that lack of time was our worst ally but in the end the illusion always wins. That is why we decided to make you live a different experience.
Corporate | Branding | Outdoor events | Private parties | Gala dinners | Cocktail | Thematic
The furniture is only the beginning, we love to devise complete and personalized sets

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