Organising an event?

Crimons is a company specialised in furniture hire, developing and producing ephemeral installations for all kind of events in all kind of spaces.Yes, also the one you imagined.

Organising an event?  | Crimons
Weddings | Mediterranean | Chill outs | Galicia
Crimons helps you with your wedding preparations - Lucia Barcena inaugurates the new showroom in Barcelona
Weddings | Outdoor events
Ideas to decorate wedding tables. Find inspiration for your celebration.
Gala dinners | Corporate | Thematic
In Crimons we are specialists in the design of ephemeral scenery and organization of events of all kinds. Furniture rental, scenery design, organization and assembly of events and corporate conventions.
Weddings | Outdoor events | Valencia | Andalucia | Galicia | Francia | Portugal
Original ideas for weddings: create a perfect chill out area for your guests. All chill out styles at Crimons
Convenciones y congresos | Corporate
We offer furniture rental for your virtual event. Offices in Madrid and Barcelona. Virtual events 2021.
Stands and fairs | Convenciones y congresos | Corporate | Madrid | Barcelona
Here are some tips to set up a good fair stand for your company


Crimons is the beginning of a great story, or the recognition of a long career


Crimons is the beginning of a great story, or the recognition of a long career. Crimons is applauses, toasts, staging. It is a blank canvas ornamented by a team of 50 professionals who co-ordinate and select every element in order to create an atmosphere in which anything can happen.

Crimons are ephemeral installations for transcendent events. And that we know how to do it, for we have been doing it for over 60 years.

Do you have an event?

We carry out a custom project and rent what you need for your events.