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Customize your event with these unique elements. Dare to play with color to get an event with personality.
Outdoor events | Private parties | Cocktail | Weddings | Thematic | Thematic trolleys
We present to you our vast offer of bars and special cars to have an amazing wedding
Corporate | Cocktail | Thematic trolleys | Barcelona
Inside the Maritime Museum of Barcelona, ​​an event with groundbreaking decoration with industrial materials
Private parties | Thematic | Thematic trolleys
It is not easy to promise creativity, originality, innovation... It is even more difficult when an idea becomes a real thing. After a long brainstorming, lots of ideas and doubts we decided to do a different event in order to present our new spring collection.
Weddings | Romantic | Thematic trolleys
A wedding is one of the most important events in a couple's life. It is in the moment when the relationship is sealed with the famous "I do". For this reason we all dream of a magical wedding that becomes reality.
Outdoor events | Thematic | Thematic trolleys
Are you looking for ideas for babyshowers? In Crimons we have lots of ideas because we love to iinovate and decorate events for the youngest ones.
Thematic trolleys
Cupcakes, mojitos, rices, popcorn, frankfurts, ice creams... With this carts we will make every event different.
Cocktail | Thematic trolleys
Last july we did an event with the Juan Carlos I Hotel to promote a new service: The Roal Catering, a new line of caterer for inside and outside events that suits the needs of each client.
With a tent | Thematic trolleys
September, the time of the “rentrée” and an excelent moment for doing balance of what it was and what it will be. And now we want to sum up the “must” of the last season. Because without them this first term of the year won’t have beem the same.
Outdoor events | Private parties | Cocktail | Weddings | Thematic | Thematic trolleys
A bar of portable bar is a complement ideal for any event. These structures can dispose at the outside or the interior and can decorate them at function of the themed of the event

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