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Specialists since 1960 in furniture rental for all types of weddings. Since 2022 focused on the rental of exclusive furniture. We help you give that unique and special touch! Contact our commercial team to advise you and see how we can contribute to the organization of your wedding.chairs, tables, sofas and more.

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We are back! We give you some tips to get a current looking event and adapted to the trends of the moment
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Here you have four different options of summery chill outs
Chill outs | Outdoor events | Gala dinners | Weddings | Mediterranean
Wedding on the beach, event in front of the sea ... no matter what if we are accompanied by such a pleasant atmosphere
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We present to you our vast offer of bars and special cars to have an amazing wedding
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Customize your event with these unique elements. Dare to play with color to get an event with personality.
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Crimons helps you with your wedding preparations - Lucia Barcena inaugurates the new showroom in Barcelona
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Original ideas for weddings: create a perfect chill out area for your guests. All chill out styles at Crimons
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Ideas to decorate wedding tables. Find inspiration for your celebration.
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Covid Wedding ideas.
Private parties | Weddings | Romantic | Mediterranean | Thematic
5 trends in wedding decoration for 2020
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With the end of the year arrives one of the most romantic season. The nature crowds of warm colours and the greens becomes reds, orange and golden.
We wanted to show you these lovely wedding at Logroño, a very clear example that sometimes, at the variety is the beauty
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En Crimons hemos creado nuestro propio espacio de relax y divertimento, ¡te presentamos nuestros chiringuitos! Chiringuitos para eventos
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En Crimons ofrecemos también el servicio de alquilar plantas para eventos con la intención de que este sea todo lo especial que mereces.
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Discover the new Crimons Long Lasting plants collection for events and weddings. plants hire for events and weddings
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From a young age you dream of your perfect wedding different from that of other people's. This couple dreamed of a designer wedding in a magical enviroment, Metronom.
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The garden is a perfect scene for this scenography. An intimate wedding of provencal style full of colour and different from the usual. We wanted to obtain a casual set up combining chairs, tables and tableclothes.
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A wedding is one of the most important events in a couple's life. It is in the moment when the relationship is sealed with the famous "I do". For this reason we all dream of a magical wedding that becomes reality.
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This country wedding took place on a wonderful day in July in a beautiful country house. We took great care down to every last detail, the idea was to create a magical atmosphere. We did our best to make a simple wedding in exquisite taste.
Gala dinners | Weddings | With a tent
There are days that nothing and nobody can spoil, this was one of those days. It's true that it was raining cats and dogs but all of us were there to make sure this couple had the best day of their lives.
Stone walls hide a secret: they capture all the light. That's why when they are illuminated a magical enviroment is obtained. This was the scene for this wedding. So we wanted to give the importance to the stone and the centerpieces and give a neutral tone to the rest of the decoration.
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Codorniu is one of the most romantic places to celebrate a wedding. Its outdoor gardens and rooms make it a magical place. That's why lots of people dream about getting married in such a singular place.
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“Juliette's dream was to create such an incredible event that the whole world would remember it forever”. With this sentence began the invitation for the Atelier de Rêves' event that took place on the 15th March. Actually, all of us who at one time or another organize an event, either because it's part of our work or for a personal reason, share Juliette's dream. Whatever may be the reason, if there's something that we all share it is wanting everything to go well and be perfect.
Weddings | Romantic
A wedding in April has to be spring-like. These couple had very clear ideas, that's the reason why they decided to give all the attention to the flowers and leave the table neutral although they took care of every detail.
Outdoor events | Weddings | Romantic | With a tent
Ullastret, right in the middle of the Empordà (Girona, Spain). A wonderful landscape, relax... A real dream. The couple, who got married on Septembre, they chose a beige tent, similar than a moroccan tent, which matched with the beige and white linen tablecloth. For the table centres the wanted to let everybody know their passion for nature, mixing peonies with wild flowers, and other kind of flower at the same time, like roses or paniculata. A blast of colour that provided the tables a very personal touch.
Outdoor events | Weddings | Mediterranean
There is nothing better than celebrate an intimate wedding at home with your family and friends. That's how this couple celebrate their wedding day, in their garden, around the pool, giving their best. The truth is that it was spectacular.
Weddings | Mediterranean | With a tent
Everything began with a wonderful ceremony on the garden of a dream house. The altar stood on the porch and the chairs for the guests were around an enormous palm tree. It was a intimate wedding where all the guests were family and the closest friends of the couple. Everything breathed a fresh air, and it smelled of nature and happiness.
Outdoor events | Weddings | Romantic
Chill outs | Weddings | With a tent
Outdoor events | Weddings | Romantic
Stands and fairs | Chill outs | Weddings | Romantic
The 25th May we had the oportunity to be part of an event organized by Telva Novias Magazine. It was a wedding day where the best wedding professionals showed their latest. We put a stand with some wedding tables and we were reponsible of decorating the venue.
Outdoor events | Weddings | Romantic
Are you one of those who dream about having a romantic wedding with sweet tonalities? If you are, this is 100% your style.In a lost place between mountains and vegetation where you can only breath pure and clean air we find La Borda de Casa Irene a wonderful place in Artíes, in Vall D'Aran province.
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London style is fashionable. With an industrial touch, mixing red and black as the main colours with the English flag, it has become one of the coolest styles. Actually, London is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in terms of street art, fashion and lifestyle.
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Between the nature and surrounded by big trees and leafy vegetation we can find a beautiful house of the seventeenth century that has combined very well its look with the nowadays needs to make this venue a unique one.
Tiffany's chair is one of the preferred ones in recent years. We have seen them in all tonalities: in silver, gold, black, methacrylate... But we have opted for bamboo, a fresh material that give a modern and a light touch to this elegant chair.
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“El Born” is one of the most emblematic neighborhoods in Barcelona. It’s a place full of charm, style and ambience. One of the most famous and interesting buildings is its market, “El mercat del Born”, where we can find archaelogical remains of Middle Ages in perfect conditions.
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Who said that a wedding had to had a romantic decoraction? If not tell that to this couple that celebrated a wonderful wedding of industrial style in a very vintage enviroment: El Mercantic in Barcelona.
Outdoor events | Weddings | Romantic
Summer is the season with more weddings. The good weather, the light and the magic of the sunsets makes june, july and september the ideals months for celebrating these engagements.
Close your eyes and imagine an idyllic place where you would like to spent the rest of your life. Surely you would imagine a wonderful and enormous house in front of the sea views without neighbours and anything than could annoy you; prefectly decorated and furnished, with luxury furniture and all type of details.In this house there should be a big garden with thousand of trees and flowers, it smells to fresh grass, hydrangeas and jasmin. And of course it has to have a big swimmingpol, one of those where you don't know when the swimmingpool finishes or the ocean begins.
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One of the latest trends in weddings is not just enjoy a day but an entire weekend. There are a lot of people who get married outside the city, in a cottage or farmhouse and as we have to go to a few kilometers from home it is a good idea to enjoy the wedding day and to celebrate the following day an afterwedding with friends and relatives.
Weddings | With a tent
Doing a mediterranean wedding doesn't mean to have to marry in front of the Mediterranian sea. If not ask this couple. In love with a beautiful house in Monells, a village in Girona located in Baix Empordà, they wanted an elegant but unostentatious wedding and afterall with a very mediterranean style.
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Did you know that the importance of an aperitif in a wedding or event is increasing? So it is that every day there are more cocktail weddings and dinners where the priority is not to sit down and enjoy a large meal, instead we want to pick food from one buffet to antoher and talk with our friends. That's the reason of the importance of a buffet well decorated that ivites you to eat.
Weddings | Romantic | With a tent
All couples are different and every wedding has to bteathe the essence of the bride and the maid. Maybe the most beautiful thing is that when the guets come in to the wedding, they can recognize the couple in every detail. For sure you don't know the couple of this wedding but by seeing the pictures you will know they are vintage lovers.
Love has no season and as much as most couples insist on getting married in the warmer months of the year there are those who go out of the norm and choose the cold, the smell of chestnuts or the long winter nights to give the yes I do.
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At Crimons we like to team up with the best wedding planners that bring us challenges for your most demanding international clients.
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Although we have wedding all over the year, spring and summer are still when most weddings are being celebrated.
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A unique wedding with views to the Mediterranean Sea. Undoubtedly one of the most special this season.
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When a couple decides to get married, one of the first things that has to elect of face at the future link is the place of the ceremony, the service of meals, restaurant or the place at which will realise the weddings and the feast.
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A bar of portable bar is a complement ideal for any event. These structures can dispose at the outside or the interior and can decorate them at function of the themed of the event
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we want to offer you detailed information about how can this structures help to improve the quality of the space and the comodity of your guests.
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it photocall has converted at an essential element at any party or event. Today we explain you which benefits has rent one photocall at an event and the infinity of possibilities that has
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Will talk about an element that no only will be useful for your event, also is a trend. The screens are a good choice. We explain you why
Weddings | Thematic
No es ningún secreto: Los ochenta han vuelto con fuerza. En realidad cualquier estética retro está de moda y eso no iba a ser menos en cualquier tipo de evento.
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Los centros de mesa son uno de los elementos decorativos más recurrentes para la decoración de mesas.
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This style characterises for open spaces, but it is not its only charachteristic. To achieve an authetically industrial looking style in your own house
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The key to a great event is planning. Within planning, there are several factors, one of them are the aesthetics.

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