Convenciones y congresos | Corporate
The star fair of Barcelona is without a doubt the Mobile World Congress. It is not new that during the 3 days it lasts, the city collapses both the one referring to hotels, as spaces for events, traffic, etc. And the same goes for furniture, so every time you have to be more proactive and have thought about how you imagine this year's party. We have many ideas, we tell you some of them!
Love has no season and as much as most couples insist on getting married in the warmer months of the year there are those who go out of the norm and choose the cold, the smell of chestnuts or the long winter nights to give the yes I do.
Private parties | Branding
Maximum nostalgia was this feeling, being always behind ths scenes, but rarely in the front line. We wanted to become protagonists and to make you leave aside the steps, the timmings, the rush and the nerves to live a night of laughter, parentheses and clear mind. It is true that lack of time was our worst ally but in the end the illusion always wins. That is why we decided to make you live a different experience.
Convenciones y congresos | Corporate
How many times do we meet at the end of the year? Do you imagine different meetings but you do not know how to do it? We propose a few ideas so that these times, that sometimes even last for hours, are meant to be as pleasant as possible, comfortable and times where you can even enjoy the decoration.
Corporate | Thematic
Every day more the events are becoming more personalized and different. You have to seduce the public, make them live unique experiences and that's why there is nothing better than to theme a good party, because they make you feel part of that atmosphere that they have created only for you.
Corporate | Chill outs
A new year begins and as always in the sector of events we do nothing else but to think about the greatest event, the Mobile World Congress. After the Christmas break, it's time to rechange the batteries and focus on one of the most important event that happens in the city.
Gala dinners | Corporate
El otoño es una de esas estaciones de muchos eventos de empresa y de promoción. Los últimos años octubre y noviembre han sido especialmente intensos y hemos realizado todo tipo de banquetes y chill outs para empresay bodas.
Cocktail | Corporate
Cada vez recibimos más propuestas de decoración de espacios efímeros que traen consigo temáticas innovadoras. La personalización en los eventos es cada vez mayor, buscamos elementos creativos, "never seen before", sobre todo para aquellos eventos más grandes que buscan impactar y generar expectativa.
Private parties | Corporate | Chill outs
Mas Marroch is the space that the Roca brothers use for their events and weddings. This December they opened a new spectacular space : the Agora, a project of the architect Oriol Roselló.
Corporate | Chill outs
La Llotja is one of those iconic buildings of Barcelona that maintain their majesty in each of its rooms. We have done many events in there and the truth is that despite having a very distinctive style it’s very chameleonic, all kind of furniture feels good in there.
Weddings | Romantic | With a tent
All couples are different and every wedding has to bteathe the essence of the bride and the maid. Maybe the most beautiful thing is that when the guets come in to the wedding, they can recognize the couple in every detail. For sure you don't know the couple of this wedding but by seeing the pictures you will know they are vintage lovers.
Cocktail | Corporate
A cocktail dinner full of buffets. That was the idea of this client. He knew what he wanted , a big central bar made of borad and customized for the occasion and tables around made of wood and iron and some barrels . They wanted to enjoy a pleasant dinner, where the most important thing was, above all , tasting the champagne and the food.
Gala dinners | Outdoor events | Corporate | Thematic
Like when you eat a kinder egg expecting to see what’s in it, that is how the partners of the Barcelona Tennis Club feel when the summer dinner arrives. An event that always takes place in the late June to coincide with the beginning of this season. We’ve been 5 years doing it and surprising them, building up hopes and expectations for each dinner that it is always different and unique with different atmospheres thanks to the decor and the ephemeral architecture assemble.
Stands and fairs | Branding | Corporate
One of the most famous fairs in Barcelona is the Alimentaria Fair that is held every March. As a reference in gastronomy many visitors come to Barcelona in these days and besides enjoying the stands at Fira de Barcelona, there are much more events outside their doors.
Weddings | Cocktail
Did you know that the importance of an aperitif in a wedding or event is increasing? So it is that every day there are more cocktail weddings and dinners where the priority is not to sit down and enjoy a large meal, instead we want to pick food from one buffet to antoher and talk with our friends. That's the reason of the importance of a buffet well decorated that ivites you to eat.
Gala dinners
The Maritime Museum of Barcelona, Drassanes, is a unique space that hosts hundreds of events each year. We've seen it dressed with many customes, like a gala dinner with glod tableclothes and chairs with black cover, we've seen it like a pirate, like a Spanish party and even all dressed in white. And the truth is that every style suits it.

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