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small format Chill Outs for restaurants, terraces and particular parties, perfect for the post-COVID small events
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New hygiene measures for guaranteeing the delivery and collection of our furniture that assure a request COVID-FREE
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How to decorate a large event in an open and empty space. Furniture necessary to decorate a xl event inside an open and empty space
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At Crimons, when have to create an ephemeral decoration for an event at a wide room, bet for ensembles of furniture.
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Elegance in its purest form in a modernist palace with more than a century of history. The scenario chosen for the presentation of ESSENCIA by Cristina Marty Events.
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With the end of the year arrives one of the most romantic season. The nature crowds of warm colours and the greens becomes reds, orange and golden.
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As you all know, our speciality is to innovate, to create different, special, unique atmospheres... However, it is not always easy, either due to the needs of the client or the characteristics of the space or because, as we all know, we are living a period of crisis and the budget is a big problem.
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“Juliette's dream was to create such an incredible event that the whole world would remember it forever”. With this sentence began the invitation for the Atelier de Rêves' event that took place on the 15th March. Actually, all of us who at one time or another organize an event, either because it's part of our work or for a personal reason, share Juliette's dream. Whatever may be the reason, if there's something that we all share it is wanting everything to go well and be perfect.
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"Just do it" is one of the best slogans ever. so when we knew that Nike was behind this event, we became so positive and with ouch a desire to excel that you can't even imagine.
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The Fair EIBTM is the leading exhibition for conferences, incentives, events, bussiness trips and meetings industry. It is held every year in the city of Barcelona.
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It's not easy to organize mass events, this is why we have special affection for this event. It is a corporate event for 1.000 people. The venue, a spectacular place: The National Art Museum of Catalonia.
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A young enterprise needs to do amusing events. That's why on this occasion we decided to do something very colorful. On a base of white sofas we combined puffs, tables, cushions and sunsahdes in yellow, fuchsia, red, orange... any color would look good!
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Saturday 14th January. 8 a.m. 4 trucks. 12 people. Objective: to seat 1.000 people in the Palau Sant Jordi. It was too early for a Saturday, it was very cold and the city was empty. We were going to the Palau Sant Jordi to set up an enormous event. Many weeks of preparation, many floorplans, nerves, we wanted to start but above all we wanted to finish in order to see the hours of work becoming reality.
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And suddenly you take a call that completely changes your week. That's how this event was, it was early Monday and we foresaw a calm week but finally it wasn't, suddenly we had an event for 300 and we had to think the creative idea and check that all the material was available.
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As we all know, industrial style has become something fashionable; that's why we want to pay attention to this esthetic that can be use not only for lofts but also for events decoration
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The recylced style is a trend. That's why we want to show you a variety of products that are very in and that can completely change you event style.
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Every year, in Barcelona, we celebrate the mobile world congress where the last models and technologies are shown. We are anxious for the arrival, specially those who work orginizing events.
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Every year, in Barcelona, we celebrate the mobile world congress where the last models and technologies are shown. We are anxious for the arrival, specially those who work orginizing events.
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The 25th May we had the oportunity to be part of an event organized by Telva Novias Magazine. It was a wedding day where the best wedding professionals showed their latest. We put a stand with some wedding tables and we were reponsible of decorating the venue.
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London style is fashionable. With an industrial touch, mixing red and black as the main colours with the English flag, it has become one of the coolest styles. Actually, London is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in terms of street art, fashion and lifestyle.
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Every September when we arrive from holidays there are the most importants decoration fairs in Frankfurt, Paris and Milan.
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“El Born” is one of the most emblematic neighborhoods in Barcelona. It’s a place full of charm, style and ambience. One of the most famous and interesting buildings is its market, “El mercat del Born”, where we can find archaelogical remains of Middle Ages in perfect conditions.
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A few months ago, in November, the hotel chain Barcelo Hotels created a very original and different project: Barceló Invade. They wanted to show their capacity of creation and innovation transforming a hotel in ephemeral and collective a work of art to show that there’s nothing impossible.
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Last December we had a different, original very classy and with a lot of taste event. We were aksed for a corporate dinner based in pirates. It was a cocktail dinner and the venue was Museu Marítim de Drassanes in Barcelona. We knew that it would be spectaular but in was more than spectacular!
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One of the most common events we normally do is the final party of an incentive trip. What enterprises want is to give an espectacular colophon to leave guests speechless.
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Who said that a wedding had to had a romantic decoraction? If not tell that to this couple that celebrated a wonderful wedding of industrial style in a very vintage enviroment: El Mercantic in Barcelona.
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Summer is something more than a season. It's a way of seeing things, a way to face you day life and to live the present; it's a feeling, a smell, a special light, a mediterranian decoration...
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In a month Barcelona will celebrate one of the most expected events, the Mobile World Congress. A week of non stop, of streets full of strangers, of cameras in every corner - specially in Gaudí architectures- os luxury cars, taxis, undergrounds and buses, all of them going to the same direction, to Fira Gran Via where one more year the latest trends of the mobile technology will be presented.
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These weeks we've been showing you, little by little, some of our new pieces of furniture but without much explanation. That's why we want to detail in what they consist and why we've chosen these new materials.
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La Llotja is one of those iconic buildings of Barcelona that maintain their majesty in each of its rooms. We have done many events in there and the truth is that despite having a very distinctive style it’s very chameleonic, all kind of furniture feels good in there.
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Mas Marroch is the space that the Roca brothers use for their events and weddings. This December they opened a new spectacular space : the Agora, a project of the architect Oriol Roselló.
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A new year begins and as always in the sector of events we do nothing else but to think about the greatest event, the Mobile World Congress. After the Christmas break, it's time to rechange the batteries and focus on one of the most important event that happens in the city.
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The TOP setups of the Mobile World Congress edition by Crimons
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When a couple decides to get married, one of the first things that has to elect of face at the future link is the place of the ceremony, the service of meals, restaurant or the place at which will realise the weddings and the feast.
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Ethnical prints are back, and they are super trendy. Once more, they are filling our homes and events with patterned rugs, thick fabrics and what we like above all: kilim cushions.
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The key to a great event is planning. Within planning, there are several factors, one of them are the aesthetics.

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