The good weather is approaching and we welcome the Festivals that are becoming more trendy every day. There are countless musical events that take place throughout Spain and where Crimons participates very actively. Among others Primavera Sound in Barcelona and Madrid, MadCool, El Jardín de las Delicias, CCME,….

And Spain is confirmed as the world's leading destination in festival tourism with an annual growth of 70% in the last 3 years.

Festivals are often places where innovation and creativity are welcome. You can take advantage of this atmosphere to present products, creative activations or unique advertising campaigns that highlight your brand.

At Crimons we are specialists in decorating each area by offering the appropriate furniture.

Festivals with CRIMONS | Crimons


The gastronomic area houses a wide variety of food stalls, food trucks and rest areas where attendees can enjoy gastronomic options and at Crimons we theme these areas. Bars like the Metropolitan or the KIT Bar to provide 360º service... A tuk tuk accompanied by "oktoberfest" tables, rustic tables with outdoor sets... The possibilities are endless!

Festivals with CRIMONS | Crimons


The VIP area of a music festival is an exclusive area designed to offer additional amenities and privileges to certain attendees where they can relax, unwind, socialize and enjoy a quieter environment away from the main stages.

This area is usually separated from the general public so it requires different furniture to condition it. Comfortable sofas and armchairs, table and chair area, premium bars, stools and a very long etcetera.

Don't miss the opportunity to take your festival to the next level with our high quality and designer furniture.

Festivals with CRIMONS | Crimons


Areas where interactive activities, games, workshops or exhibitions take place that complement the festival experience and offer additional entertainment.

And every day more commercial brands see the opportunity to be seen as more attractive. Influencers, tik tokers, celebrities visit these types of stands.

What do we offer? Innovation and creativity in each space, we work with you to understand your specific needs and create the configuration you are looking for: beach theme, industrial, Nordic, stronger colors, more neutral colors... in our online catalog you will find all types of options.

Festivals with CRIMONS | Crimons

Get ready to be inspired and bring your festivals to life like never before! Ready to transform your ideas into incredible realities? Contact us for more details and reserve your furniture with us!

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