Biz. Armchair | Crimons
Biz. Armchair | Crimons
Biz. Armchair | Crimons

The seat biz. has arrived to revolutionise the concept of comfort+design at the world of the events. It combines to perfection forms of design and ongoing materials with an interior upholstered that it adapts and compilation. Therefore it is ideal for meetings of company and conferences, where the assistants pass long while seated

Private parties | Gala dinners | Cocktail | Convenciones y congresos | Branding | Corporate
450 square meters to celebrate any type of event in the heart of Madrid, discover all the opening of Espacio La Grada
Cocktail | Convenciones y congresos | Corporate
te tocará elegir qué tipo de mobiliario para eventos necesitas. Y, para elegir de forma correcta, te explicamos qué debes saber.

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