White Nord Armchair

White Nord Armchair | Crimons

As its name indicates, this armchair is of Nordic style. You can combine it with more elements of the same family as tables, chairs, stools, cocktail tables ... It is a must!

  • Available in white
  • Polypropylene and wood material
  • Measures: 46x64,5x80H cm
White Nord Armchair | Crimons
White Nord Armchair | Crimons
Corporate | Conventions and congresses | Cocktail
te tocará elegir qué tipo de mobiliario para eventos necesitas. Y, para elegir de forma correcta, te explicamos qué debes saber.
Corporate | Stands and fairs | Conventions and congresses | Branding
This capsule is designed for the best, technological and pioneering events. Where it predominates whites, the order and the minimalism

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