Nordic Green Upholstered Armchair

Nordic Green Upholstered Armchair | Crimons

The Nordic style is in fashion, so if you have an event, meeting or congress, we offer you these fun armchairs available in various colors.

  • Available in: gray, blue, jean and green
  • Material: wood and upholstery
  • Measurements:
Private parties | Gala dinners | Cocktail | Convenciones y congresos | Branding | Corporate
450 square meters to celebrate any type of event in the heart of Madrid, discover all the opening of Espacio La Grada
podemos emplear el significado de los colores para ofrecer determinada imagen a las personas que asisten a un evento o simplemente para generar un determinado ambiente entre ellos.
Cocktail | Convenciones y congresos | Corporate
te tocará elegir qué tipo de mobiliario para eventos necesitas. Y, para elegir de forma correcta, te explicamos qué debes saber.
Stands and fairs | Convenciones y congresos | Branding | Corporate
This capsule is designed for the best, technological and pioneering events. Where it predominates whites, the order and the minimalism

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