Wooden Cube | Crimons

This wooden puf is perfect for rustic, nordic or industrial events. You can join some of them tu use it as a table or you can use it alone. Is without any doubt one of our favourites.

  • Material: wood
  • Sizes: 35x35x35cm
Wooden Cube | Crimons
Wooden Cube | Crimons
Corporate | Cocktail | Weddings | Thematic
This style characterises for open spaces, but it is not its only charachteristic. To achieve an authetically industrial looking style in your own house
Chill outs | Outdoor events | Private parties | Gala dinners | Cocktail | Weddings | Romantic | Thematic
The key to a great event is planning. Within planning, there are several factors, one of them are the aesthetics.
Theme events are a perfect way to get the most out of every moment of life.
Conventions and congresses | Chill outs | Outdoor events | Gala dinners | Cocktail | Weddings | With a tent
With the end of the year arrives one of the most romantic season. The nature crowds of warm colours and the greens becomes reds, orange and golden.

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