White Bedouin tent | Crimons

If you want a light and adaptable tent, you will love our Veleos tents. They are ideal for any space and we can cover from 30-500 m2. We have them in different colours: white, beige, red, green and black. If you want more information visit our website Veleo You will love it!

White Bedouin tent | Crimons
White Bedouin tent | Crimons
Weddings | Private parties | Cocktail | Outdoor events | With a tent | Corporate
we want to offer you detailed information about how can this structures help to improve the quality of the space and the comodity of your guests.
Weddings | Private parties | Gala dinners | Cocktail | Outdoor events | Romantic | Thematic | Chill outs
The key to a great event is planning. Within planning, there are several factors, one of them are the aesthetics.

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We carry out a custom project and rent what you need for your events.