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Chill outs | Private parties | Weddings | Mediterranean | Galicia
Crimons helps you with your wedding preparations - Lucia Barcena inaugurates the new showroom in Barcelona
Chill outs | Outdoor events | Private parties | Weddings | Mediterranean
Here you have four different options of summery chill outs
Outdoor events | Private parties | Cocktail | Weddings | Thematic | Thematic trolleys
We present to you our vast offer of bars and special cars to have an amazing wedding
Corporate | Stands and fairs | Chill outs | Branding | Outdoor events | Private parties | Cocktail | Weddings | Mediterranean | Thematic | Thematic trolleys
Customize your event with these unique elements. Dare to play with color to get an event with personality.
Private parties | Weddings | Romantic
Covid Wedding ideas.
Corporate | Chill outs | Private parties | Madrid | Barcelona
small format Chill Outs for restaurants, terraces and particular parties, perfect for the post-COVID small events
Corporate | Private parties | Cocktail | Madrid
Assembly of a gala cocktail at the Thyssen Museum
Private parties | Cocktail | Thematic
Design of 360 projects with all the necessary material, furniture rental and decoration for all types of events.
Private parties | Weddings | Romantic | Mediterranean | Thematic
5 trends in wedding decoration for 2020
Corporate | Private parties | Thematic
We transform into a Christmas market an industrial place.
Corporate | Private parties | Cocktail | Madrid
We explain you how was the party of the 40 anniversary of Eneldo Venues & Catering and the presentation of Espacio Villanueva.
Private parties | Gala dinners | Cocktail | Thematic
sofa + movie + rug and tea with cookies of ginger? Or cold colours and minimalist lines?
Private parties | Cocktail | Thematic
The bars are an indispensable element at any event. We show you a few ideas so that you say us which likes you more. 
Corporate | Stands and fairs | Conventions and congresses | Branding | Private parties | Cocktail
Customise the bars of your event is a plus to give visibility at your brand or remark a message
Outdoor events | Private parties | Thematic | Barcelona
Una puesta de sol, las dunas y el calor Africano. Esos fueron los pilares de nuestro último diseño de evento temático “Memorias de África”
Corporate | Private parties | Gala dinners | Cocktail | Weddings
En Crimons ofrecemos también el servicio de alquilar plantas para eventos con la intención de que este sea todo lo especial que mereces.
Private parties
If you have an anniversary or an important date approaching, to make someone feel special, or even if you have no special purpose for it, we give you five tips to convert it in a memorable celebration.
Corporate | Stands and fairs | Private parties | Weddings | Thematic
Discover the new Crimons Long Lasting plants collection for events and weddings. plants hire for events and weddings
Outdoor events | Private parties | Cocktail | Weddings
The garden is a perfect scene for this scenography. An intimate wedding of provencal style full of colour and different from the usual. We wanted to obtain a casual set up combining chairs, tables and tableclothes.
Chill outs | Private parties | Mediterranean
As you all know, our speciality is to innovate, to create different, special, unique atmospheres... However, it is not always easy, either due to the needs of the client or the characteristics of the space or because, as we all know, we are living a period of crisis and the budget is a big problem.
Chill outs | Private parties | Weddings | Romantic
“Juliette's dream was to create such an incredible event that the whole world would remember it forever”. With this sentence began the invitation for the Atelier de Rêves' event that took place on the 15th March. Actually, all of us who at one time or another organize an event, either because it's part of our work or for a personal reason, share Juliette's dream. Whatever may be the reason, if there's something that we all share it is wanting everything to go well and be perfect.
Private parties | Thematic | Thematic trolleys
It is not easy to promise creativity, originality, innovation... It is even more difficult when an idea becomes a real thing. After a long brainstorming, lots of ideas and doubts we decided to do a different event in order to present our new spring collection.
Corporate | Stands and fairs | Private parties
080 Barcelona Fashion is a platform that was born in 2007 to give visibility to independent designers and become an international benchmark.
Stands and fairs | Private parties | Thematic
As is tradion the Anar Foundation of Madrid has orginized the event "The thousand and one tables" where decorators and professional designers thematize tables for the annual fundraising dinner.
Private parties | Gala dinners
El Gran Teatre Liceu és un dels edificis més emblemàtics de la ciutat de Barcelona. Situtat a Les Rambles, per la seva història i la seva elegància és un lloc que no deixa indiferent. Per això fer un esdeveniment allà és quelcom únic.
Corporate | Private parties | Gala dinners
As the title says. A banquet of a thousand, of a thousand people what means chairs, cutlery, glasswear, tablewear...for thousand. An event like that is a challenge for all of the professionals of the sector and one more time the result was a triumph thanks to the collaboration of the participants.
Private parties | Cocktail
In this case, we want to talk about our bars' bar, because we think they are a very important part of an event. We can have different colours, sizes and shapes, as well as choosing them lighted or not.
Private parties
All companies are born because of a need. Louis Vuitton became famous due to the creation of a square briefcase in a time where the favourite way of transportation was by boat. Previously they had trunks so if it rained the water slided of and couldn't soak, but these ones weren't stackable. Louis Vuitton was the first in creating a square briefcase that could be stackable and to prevent to be soak he decided to do it with rubber like fabric.
Corporate | Private parties | Gala dinners | Thematic
Althought cold is arriving late and it seems that we are in another season, the truth is that Christmas is just around the corner. That's why from Crimons we want to give you lots of ideas to make this Christmas the most astonishing.
Chill outs | Private parties | With a tent
Every year, in Barcelona, we celebrate the mobile world congress where the last models and technologies are shown. We are anxious for the arrival, specially those who work orginizing events.
Stands and fairs | Private parties
It's just over a month for one of the most important events in Barcelona. In the EIBTM you can see people and enterprises of all over the world that come to the city to show us why to go to their countries and do events there.
Chill outs | Private parties | Weddings
“El Born” is one of the most emblematic neighborhoods in Barcelona. It’s a place full of charm, style and ambience. One of the most famous and interesting buildings is its market, “El mercat del Born”, where we can find archaelogical remains of Middle Ages in perfect conditions.
Chill outs | Private parties | Cocktail | Thematic
Last December we had a different, original very classy and with a lot of taste event. We were aksed for a corporate dinner based in pirates. It was a cocktail dinner and the venue was Museu Marítim de Drassanes in Barcelona. We knew that it would be spectaular but in was more than spectacular!
Private parties
Corporate | Conventions and congresses | Chill outs | Private parties
In a month Barcelona will celebrate one of the most expected events, the Mobile World Congress. A week of non stop, of streets full of strangers, of cameras in every corner - specially in Gaudí architectures- os luxury cars, taxis, undergrounds and buses, all of them going to the same direction, to Fira Gran Via where one more year the latest trends of the mobile technology will be presented.
Outdoor events | Private parties | Weddings
One of the latest trends in weddings is not just enjoy a day but an entire weekend. There are a lot of people who get married outside the city, in a cottage or farmhouse and as we have to go to a few kilometers from home it is a good idea to enjoy the wedding day and to celebrate the following day an afterwedding with friends and relatives.
Corporate | Chill outs | Private parties
Mas Marroch is the space that the Roca brothers use for their events and weddings. This December they opened a new spectacular space : the Agora, a project of the architect Oriol Roselló.
Branding | Private parties
Maximum nostalgia was this feeling, being always behind ths scenes, but rarely in the front line. We wanted to become protagonists and to make you leave aside the steps, the timmings, the rush and the nerves to live a night of laughter, parentheses and clear mind. It is true that lack of time was our worst ally but in the end the illusion always wins. That is why we decided to make you live a different experience.
Corporate | Private parties | Romantic | Thematic
Corporate | Branding | Outdoor events | Private parties | Gala dinners | Cocktail | Thematic
The furniture is only the beginning, we love to devise complete and personalized sets
Corporate | Conventions and congresses | Branding | Private parties | Gala dinners | Cocktail
450 square meters to celebrate any type of event in the heart of Madrid, discover all the opening of Espacio La Grada
Corporate | Stands and fairs | Conventions and congresses | Chill outs | Branding | Private parties | Cocktail
The TOP setups of the Mobile World Congress edition by Crimons
Outdoor events | Private parties | Cocktail | Weddings | Thematic | Thematic trolleys
A bar of portable bar is a complement ideal for any event. These structures can dispose at the outside or the interior and can decorate them at function of the themed of the event
Corporate | Outdoor events | Private parties | Cocktail | Weddings | With a tent
we want to offer you detailed information about how can this structures help to improve the quality of the space and the comodity of your guests.
Corporate | Branding | Private parties | Weddings | Thematic
it photocall has converted at an essential element at any party or event. Today we explain you which benefits has rent one photocall at an event and the infinity of possibilities that has
Corporate | Private parties | Weddings
Will talk about an element that no only will be useful for your event, also is a trend. The screens are a good choice. We explain you why
Private parties | Gala dinners | Weddings | Thematic
Los centros de mesa son uno de los elementos decorativos más recurrentes para la decoración de mesas.
Chill outs | Outdoor events | Private parties | Gala dinners | Cocktail | Weddings | Romantic | Thematic
The key to a great event is planning. Within planning, there are several factors, one of them are the aesthetics.

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