Preparing MWC 2018

Preparing MWC 2018 | Crimons

The star fair of Barcelona is without a doubt the Mobile World Congress. It is not new that during the 3 days it lasts, the city collapses both the one referring to hotels, as spaces for events, traffic, etc. And the same goes for furniture, so every time you have to be more proactive and have thought about how you imagine this year's party. We have many ideas, we tell you some of them!

If you want to take a risk with bright colors, we suggest yellow combined with black. A powerful bet with which you will get out of the ordinary. Give it the color with cushions, lamps, velvet poufs ... anything goes!

Otherwise if you prefer a neutral style, we offer you our Nordic furniture. You can create a cocktail with tall tables and stools in white and wood, use our jacobsen chair that is a classic and you will have a modern, serene and fresh.

Preparing MWC 2018 | Crimons
Preparing MWC 2018 | Crimons

However, white-wood is not the only Nordic style. We can also combine it with grays and blues. Something more sober, winter with sofas and armchairs upholstered as the soft. The rugs are also a key element to finish shaping these sets, try the patchwork as in this set!

Preparing MWC 2018 | Crimons

What if you have an external event? Absolutely nothing happens, Barcelona is not a cold city and in the winter if we put stoves - like the new stove / fireplace - we can perfectly enjoy its streets, its terraces and its exteriors. If you want to give a funny touch, we propose you to use many cushions, sofas more modern without rigid structures and more daring colors.

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